Home or Birth Center?

Both options are great ways to experience an out of hospital birth where you are at the helm. There are pros and cons to both and your decision will be purely a personal one between you and your partner. When birthing at home, you are in your own environment in every possible way, it is familiar, you don't have to pack anything up or worry about going anywhere. When you are done birthing, the midwife team will clean up everything and not leave you until you are secure and comfortable. There is nothing like being in a place where you feel completely comfortable and safe.

Birth Centers are a nice option for people that don't have a very private home situation or are not comfortable there. There is nothing done differently at the birth center as there is at your home, we use all the same equipment and experience. Birth center options cost more. Also, you have to pack up to go there and generally pack up to leave within about 3 hours from your birth.

Either way, both are amazing out of hospital experiences where we will help you have your beautiful birth!