Beautiful Home Births

Art City Midwives, offers a tender and safe approach to your personal birthing experience. I believe that you are a strong and empowered woman that can have the birth you prefer with out all of the limitations of typical hospital births.
Home birth is a loving and precious event for a family. I am here with skills and wisdom to facilitate you and your birth plan. I offer standard home births, water births as well as a birth center birthing option. I serve the greater Utah County area, Southern Salt Lake County, Heber, Midway, Delta area, Fairview to Salina and all small cities surrounding.

Please call or set up an interview time for pricing. 

I do have financing options available as well as the ability to charge a debit, credit or HSA card (Free for Venmo users or all other card charges are subject to a $50 processing fee)

Please don't hesitate to call and schedule a "get to know you" interview with me.