HAOCamp @ The Substation

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HAOcamp @ The Substation

HAOCamp @ The Substation is a freestyle conference platform (i.e. get creative - do a skid, a social experiment activity) - that brings together folks interested in exploring notions of culture and subcultures through art, design, architecture or philosophy!

Held in conjunction with the HAO Summit 2012, the HAOcamp follows the summit theme - Culture Sub Culture - looking at how geography and landscape has shaped peoples' cultural expressions and how these have evolved over time.

Come present, show-and-tell, dialogue or listen to creative concepts and ideas related to cultures and subcultures! HAOcamp can also be a way to pitch projects, find collaborators and rally for support.

Learn more about how Artcamp works or learn more about the HAO Summit 2012 here

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Venue and Date

HAOcamp will be held on Saturday, 4th August 2012

The venue is The Substation (Registration begins at 9.45am @ The Substation Theatre)

Event format 

1. Registration & Pre-socializing (9.45 AM)
2. Quick Introduction (10 AM)
3. Talks scheduling - if you want to share something just add it to the whiteboard. We will take a quick vote on the topics and schedule the sessions. (10 to 10.30 AM)
4. Talks - short presentations or discussions running in parallel- 20 minutes each. (10.30 to 5 PM)
5. Review and closing (5.30 PM)

Sign up


Debrah (debrahHAO at gmail.com)