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I have heART. I create predominantly from feeling; from emotion. I create by impressions I get when I look at my subject, rather than constructing 100% by visual observation. I create art according to what I feel when I see something.

Influences to my work include but are not limited to: the French impressionists, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, the Group of Seven and many Canadian First Nations and Metis artists.

When I create art, doing so creates peace and joy within me. My artwork is an expression of who I am. It is a melding of what is inside of me and what appeals to me in the world, or what I think should be in the world. 

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan in the middle of the Canadian prairies, oddly I have always yearned to be near trees, the ocean and tropical beaches. I have travelled to many lovely hot beaches worldwide and often these beaches have been the subjects of my work. The ocean lulls me. I love the smell, the motion, the sight, the sound and the feel of it. The ocean makes me feel like I am at home. Could be the scottish heritage. Who knows!

I love to be outdoors in natural surroundings and I particularly love trees so I portray them often in my work. I love rocks too, so lots of those. At times I draw inspiration from the Rocky Mountains and K-Country (Kananaskis Country) near my former home in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Now I am spending 2015 drawing and painting what I see around me in my new home in Kelowna, British Columbia: the Monashee Mountains, the city, Lake Okanagan, wineries and all that entails, fruit orchards, wild life, flowers and of course lots of trees and rocks! lol

I spend as much time as possible with my four grandchildren and creating acrylic paintings and mosaics. I also use ink, charcoal, pencil or whatever medium strikes my fancy. Periodically I also get the urge to produce abstract art so I'll do that too.

My hope is that when u look at my artwork, you will experience the same peace and joy that I do when I am creating it.

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Creating art puts me at peace and fills me with a very happy/content feeling. I hope that looking at my artwork also stirs positive emotions in you; perhaps makes u feel happy or content too.


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Coming to an art fair or to a weekend market near you soon!