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So Many New Artists to See!

posted May 29, 2016, 7:26 PM by Art Bank   [ updated May 29, 2016, 7:51 PM ]
One of the things we pride ourselves on most at the Art Bank is the diversity of our art--so many styles, so many experience levels, there's something for everyone's tastes, and you can help discover the next new thing, or continue to build your collection with established art.

For June's First Friday, we are so proud to announce the premiere of FOUR new artists! That's right! Four!

• Michael Swolsky--Back by our historic vault, you can't miss Swolsky's metal art; wall sculptures that gleam and leave you wondering just how he crafted those smooth lines and seamless edges. An established artist in the Indianapolis area, you may have also recently seen Swolsky's work at the Stutz Artist Association.

• Audwynn Newman--With a history of drawing comic books for DC, Marvel, and independently, Newman is bringing his distinct style to the Art Bank. Pop in nature, if you're a fan of comics and graphic novels, this may be just what you're looking for.

• Israel Solomon--A He-Man, Masters of the Universe fan, with hip-hop and graffiti stylings as inspiration, Solomon studied art for many years, but grappled with doubt he could 'make it as an artist.' Newer to the scene, we welcome him and, together, we can help him grow in Indianapolis.

• Jim Kirk--Known throughout the area for his hot sauce and chili, Jim Kirk has branched his creative spirit into altered photography. His work focuses on the musical world, the sights and scenes of his travels--both Indy and elsewhere--and, of course, his beloved VW bus, Blushie.

May's First Friday was also the premiere of three more new artists to the Art Bank:

• Anna Simon--Based in Franklin and previously seen in Martinsville, Simon has an out-of-this-universe twist to her finely rendered oil paintings. A touch of the fantastical, a touch of pop, you may see some Mario, some My Little Pony, or some space cats--you never quite know where her imagination will take us next!

• Stephen King--No, not THAT Stephen King, but Indy's own! Our Stephen King has brought his (not scary!) oil paintings to our walls, on their way to your walls. He specializes in plein air, with natural world as his inspiration.

• Addison Wolf--Wolf's large pastel abstracts have now brightened up our walls, and are attracting quite a bit of attention. He works in textures and techniques, and allows the paint to move and approach, in both 2D and 3D.

And kicking off this run of great new work, we added Robin Toulouse in April. Toulouse works in collage and assemblage, constructing antique or flea market finds into beautiful pieces that will be just that right piece for a home.

As always, our artists are constantly premiering new work for our IDADA First Friday Art Tour opens. If they've been here for a while or are new through the door, there's always something great to see on our ever-changing walls.