Dan Haynes, founder of Art Bank, took a dream and in 2007 made it a reality.  While in the Air force, stationed in Louisiana, Dan spent his time absorbing the New Orleans art scene and grew to love Bywater, a more bohemian, artsy neighborhood. Dan combined his seasoned style with a slice of New Orleans' bohemian culture and opened a gallery with the intent to provide a nurturing, environment for emerging artist. He created a place where artists of all kinds, in all stages of their careers can promote their work free of commissions and other traditional requirements.  Since it's beginning, Art Bank has given hundreds of artists the opportunity to showcase their work and given the community a place where art is accessible to everyone. 
Gina Soo Golden is an artist who has been displaying her work at Art Bank since 2007. She recently purchased the gallery from Dan and retains Art Banks unconventional model and honors its inspiration with her own interpretation of New Orleans bohemian combined with classic gallery styles. 

The building was constructed in the 20's and has be host to a number of business including of course, a bank. Located within the historic Massachusetts Avenue District with over 20 attending artist, Art Bank continues to be one of the most recognized and respected galleries in Indiana.

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