December 2018 Sara Rae Cote

A show inspired by the movement and color of the artist’s favorite Indy sites. Artist reception First Friday Dec. 7th 6-9pm 

Come out on First Friday and promote your home town and meet local emerging artist Sarah Rae Cote. Inquire about her use of whimsical color, movement and modern style. Sarah seeks to make original artwork affordable, accessible and approachable to all. Come be a part of the art.
With my art I celebrate color and movement. Often creating a new reality that makes me smile. I love expressing myself creatively and I am always encouraging others to do so. My figurative art is usually peaceful and serene with curved forms. Some works are done from life, but many just flow from my imagination. I paint owls, and giraffes, and many creatures. I received requests for Indy themed art, so I created custom pop art Indiana pieces. I also began broadening my subject matter to fit each audience. My series of ¡°party animals¡± has stemmed from this as well. As an artist, I’m creatively affected by the supply and demand, as well as my own impulses. This is why I offer such a wide variety of subject matter. My most recent efforts have been to turn my work into wearable art and planning murals. Art and my community matter to me most. If I can combine the two, I am endlessly happily thrilled.

Sarah Rae Cote grew up in Indianapolis.

November 2018 Pamela Halliburton

Pamela Halliburton is presenting We Rise: The Exhibition, a featured artist exhibition at Art Bank Gallery for the month of November. This show is a culmination of the past six years of her art work. After getting back to her art after a 22-year hiatus Pamela has risen above the negativity of others concerning her work. “I decided to honor the gift I was given to bring courage and confidence to others and once I decided that was more important than listening to the negative voices and I found my voice and my hand as an artist” Six years ago Pamela’s inspiration was the beauty of nature and expressing an aspect of nature, in a bold expressionistic manner. She didn’t want an exact replica, but wanted to bring out the texture, color, environment, movement etc. She wanted the viewer to feel something about that aspect of nature they haven’t felt or something about it they never realized. In the past year, that has expanded to include incorporating inspirational quotes and motivational words in conjunction with nature. She refers to her style as Representational Expressionism.

To expand the way, you can enjoy her work she offers her art on women’s fashion scarves and throw pillows. Come view her work to see the beauty of nature in a unique style and feel inspired or encouraged to pursue your own passions in life. Opening reception is Friday, November 2, 2018 from 6-9 pm. She is offering art give aways to the first 25 visitors. There will also be music and refreshments.

October 2018 Gant Haverstick

September 2018 Nathanael Handlang

August 2018 Shaute Lewis 

July 2018

The Art of Rivalry II by Audwynn Newman July 6-27th. Artist reception First Friday July 6th 6-9pm 

June 2018

Sara Robinson's Fantasyland 2018

On display June 1st-30th. Artist reception First Friday June 1st 6-9pm

My show is based on costume design.  A patron can both display this piece as well as take it off the wall and wear it.  The overall concept behind the artwork is to allow people to transform into a magical world of make-believe, within the realm of reality.  Life is really serious and can be hard.  I want to give other people a chance to take a break from the seriousness of reality and life and just be able to play. 

Sara Robinson is an Indianapolis based artist who draws her inspiration from her background in vocal performance.  She is a costume design based artist who works with mixed media.  She uses alternative materials to create her works of art and specializes in ceramic and printmaking mediums.


May 2018

Re-Generation Indy 3 Year Anniversary Show

This collaboration show will feature youth artists from all 3 years as well as work from some of our lead artists and our Executive Director. We are going all out for this one!
Please come out and celebrate Re-Generation Indy's 3 year anniversary with us. There will be poetry, live music and artwork you won't want to miss!
We are the featured artists for the month of May so if you can't make it to First Friday, stop by the Art Bank anytime to support...
FREE & ALL AGES WELCOME! Artists reception First Friday May 4th 6-9pm.

April 2018
Stephen & Melanie Lambert
Stained Glass, Watercolor, Photography

On display during April 2018 
First Friday Opening Reception April 6 2018, 6 - 9:pm.
Admission and parking are free.
Now that we are retired and have the time to do so, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share our artwork with the Indianapolis community. These are some of the things that make us happy, and we hope that you enjoy them as well.
Steve is a microbiologist by training, and retired from Eli Lilly & Company in 2017. He is mostly self-taught, but not without substantial influence and guidance from other stained glass artists and photographers. He studied photography under the late Dr. Haskel Philips at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN.
Melanie is a middle school language arts teacher, and retired from the Lawrence Township School System in 2008. She has studied watercolor under Shirley Carr and Irina Smulevitch at the Indianapolis Art Center.

March 2018

Lisa Green, "The Big Reveal" 

Artist Lisa Green's show "The Big Reveal"  will be featured March 2nd- 31st. Reception First Friday March 2nd 6-9pm. Admission and parking are Free. 

Displaying large scale paintings in acrylic, her new medium of choice, Lisa Green will take your breath away. 

"To describe my style, I would say it’s Bob Ross meets 'Take your breath away.' It's time to take your breath away. I like to take the mind into the imagination somewhere.  You will find the hidden peace in my work, people always do. That's my wow factor. I don't do it, God does it. I like to call my pictures 'driftaways'. It’s as though the images are walking off the page or you are right there in the painting." Lisa loves to the see the expressions on people faces when they find hidden pictures in her work. She hopes you all enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience. "I hope you all enjoy a wonderful evening with me. Thank you all in advance for a wonderful time to be had by all."

February 2018

On display February 1-28 At Art Bank Gallery 811 Massachusetts Ave 46204
Opening reception February 2nd 6-9pm
Admission and parking free

Dharma in the Heartland is an ongoing documentary project that I began in 2012 and is the body of work from which the images for this exhibit have been selected.  Unknown to most mid-westerners, there are at present 150 small but vibrant Buddhist spiritual communities (known as Sanghas) and meditation centers in the Midwest region of the U.S.  My photographic inquiry into these communities began with the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, IN which is the focal point of this exhibit. The intention behind my documentary photography of Buddhism in the Midwest is to provide others with insight into a very different culture that exists in America's heartland.  It is my hope that this project will provide others with visual art that is at once thought provoking, insightful and engaging.

January 2018

Abstract Views of the World, Waiting To Be Seen BY DARRELL STAGGS 

Opening reception: Friday, 5-January 2018 6-9pm

Exhibit runs 5-January through 31-January

Admission and parking--free

Abstract Views of the World, Waiting To Be Seen

The world around us is rich with shapes, colors, flows, textures, … and emotions.  It is all Real, right in front of us, every day and night, …but is just waiting to be seen.

The January Featured Artist exhibit at Art Bank Gallery will display the photographic images of Darrell Staggs that capture abstract views of the world right in front of us.   Many of us will only look, but rarely see.

Opening reception: Friday, 5-January 2018 6-9pm

Exhibit runs 5-January through 31-January

December 2017
Ron Campbell-The Beatles Cartoon Art Show

A one man show featuring legendary animator/director Ron Campbell, is the Feature at Art Bank Gallery December 1st-3rd. Opening reception December 1st 6-9pm. Gallery owner, Gina Soo Golden will display her paintings for the remainder of the month.

The Beatles Cartoon Art Show is a one man show featuring legendary animator/director Ron Campbell. Ron was the Director of the Saturday Morning Beatles Cartoon series which aired from 1965 – 1969 and animator on the Beatles film Yellow Submarine. Ron will appear at the show painting and selling original works of art, customizing his pop art paintings for customers and creating original paintings on purchasers’ certificates of authenticity.The Beatles Cartoon Art Show will also include paintings spanning his entire 50 year animation career including Scooby Doo, Winnie the Pooh, Rugrats, Flintstones, Jetsons, Smurfs and more. All works are available to purchase.

November 2017
Crystal Luckman

Painter Crystal Cazzell (Luckman) “CC” and her show, “Insomnia” will be the artist featured for the month of November. Colorful works of abstract, impressionistic city scapes and more. “This collection is all about getting my happy back by using bright colors after a dark period in my life” she said “Often at night when I’m unable to fall asleep, my mind  swirling around with thoughts and feelings I find myself drawn to the canvas so I paint.  It is amazing how much I enjoy each one and I am always surprised by them”.

October 2017
Evan Lloyd Steiner Abstract paintings

September 2017

Nathanael Handlang -

Human / Nature (a Question of Art)

Sine Qua Non Photography asks this question, and invites you to attend the September First Friday event at Art Bank Gallery to decide for yourself.

August 2017

Kristina Marsh Watson

July 2017

"Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to be Seen" Photography by Darrell Staggs to be Feature Show July 7-30.  Opening reception accompanied by live jazz Friday July 7th 6-9pm Admission- Free.

"Somewhere, Something Incredible is Waiting to be Seen"
The images of Darrell Staggs represent what the artist "sees" as an extension of where most people only "look". The images in the exhibit all capture the real world around us that is not always seen. 
My inspirations come from the words of Henry david Thoreau: "it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see" 
"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?"
Darrell's desire is to provide visitors with the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the artist. 

About Darrell Staggs

Creatively provided engineering solutions to deliver value in energy and pharmaceutical products for 38 years. Now creatively providing value to the visual senses. 

June 2017

Art Bank’s First Friday feature to be Photography by Jim Kirk accompanied by his wife’s band Rhythm Wreckers. Opening reception Friday June 2nd 6-9 pm Admission -Free 

Jim, now retired from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, is stretching out and traveling. “I’m doing this because I’m having fun.” He says.  Jim alters photos he’s taken of beautiful and curious things during his travels and gives them the look of paintings and is having fun. 

For more info about Rhythm Wreckers, they can be found at;

Attachments area

May 2017

"The Art of Rivalry" By Audwynn Newman  May 5-31.  Opening reception Friday May 5th 6-9pm Admission- Free.

"The Art of Rivalry" By Audwynn Newman  is all about rivalries,  sports,pop culture even some state inspired rivalries amongst towns in Indiana. Audwynn's work is about the pride you feel in your state, school. city, county, hobby or interest such as beer and wine. There is something for everyone.  Speaking of his work, Audwynn said  " I love art, and there is all kinds of it out there but in my opinion it should be consumable..... by that I mean people should not only be able to take it in ( buy it) but they should want to. There should be something for 
everyone" Audwynn's work is comic book art. He used to draw for Marvel and D.C. comics thus his style. "I was inspired by my love of Pop culture Rivalries Good V.S. Bad, Right V.S. Wrong, Colts/Patriots,Cubs /Cardinals, Han Solo against Boba Fet." His work is all on illustration board- No Photo shop or digital enhancement. He does it the way it's done for a century or more and see's no reason to change 
This show will debut multiple Indianapolis inspired pieces,  new state inspired sports images and the first few images from his heroes line that includes Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and more.

April 2017

Re-Generation Indy

March 2017

Art Bank's March Feature is "Artwork by Israel Solomon"


Influenced by graffiti art, comics, and abstract expressionism, Israel Solomon creates vibrant, colorful, geometric art in a variety of media.  Israel's expanded display will include a wide range of works to show case his abilities. As a child, born and raised in Indiana, Israel was inspired by cartoons and watching his father and brother draw. "I wanted to be able to draw my favorite cartoon characters, so I attempted to duplicate them."  Later as a huge fan of hip hop, and eye catching graffiti he moved on to draw color abstract letters and characters. He also learned about different art periods and Masters. " I look for opportunities to grow as an artist, and appreciate all who have taken the time to assist me on this journey".  Though learning Israel developed a drive to create his own works and now has a passion for making art daily.   Visit Art Bank March 3-31 to see Israel's unique approach to visual art.

February 2017

Radie Clark
Art Bank's February Feature is "Design by Lilith" by Radie Clark.
Radie is a Photographer specializing in Landscape and Lifestyle.  In 2015 she met a friend in the UK through Instagram. They both have a shared love for their pugs.  Her friend is a Photographer and Painter so they decided to merge their Art and created "Design by Lilith". 
Radie displays her work in print, canvas and has a variety of pieces printed on metal, which the metal really makes some photos stand out.
"I like people to 'feel' something when they see my work.  Hopefully a good feeling, but even 'oh that's striking' elicits a feeling.  I do what I do because it's my passion and beauty is everywhere - I like to capture it.  It helps me connect with people and nature with a sense of appreciation and gratitude." Inspired by Ansel Adams and growing up in Southern Indiana, she has been doing Photography since the age of 10 as a 4-H project.  She has published work and has a 16 x 20 foot piece on Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana. 
All who attend can enter a drawing for the chance to receive one of Radie's pieces valued up to $180

January 2017

"Ann Volans" Anna Simon
Cats, crystals, and colorful creations; these are what Anna "Volans" Simon is most notable for making. As a young child, Anna had always been imaging up strange animals and vibrant worlds. Now, after growing up completing a bachelor's and masters' Studio art degree from Pensacola Christian College, she continues to create these whimsical pictures from her head to the best of her ability. Always fascinated by color and life, she hopes to put out something that can encourage and amuse those who view her work!

December 2016
"Refind Your Palette, a Group Show

November 2016
Faith Blackwell

Faith Blackwell began her photography career full time in 2011.  She left her job of ten years to leap into her love and never regretted her decision.

As a photographer, Faith Blackwell’s specialty is senior/business portraits, commercial and events.  She loves the energy her clients bring to these sessions.  Most people who come to her want a creative twist on the average session that they see daily.  This is what Faith loves the most. She is heavily influenced by fashion, architecture and design.  Studying these details places her clients at ease; which remains vital to her.  When the shoot is completed, their general response is the level of comfort/fun experienced as well as their amazing appearance on camera.

As an artist, Faith Blackwell is inspired by everything around her and frequently calls on friends, clients and models involved when an idea strikes.  Her Candy Girl, Shoe Project and Quoted series are just a few of the many ideas that have filled her mind and she has executed each vision with success.  Some projects are still on going and she has plans on making the Shoe Project into a book.  Faith is a 80s baby and heavily influenced by music, cartoons and movies of that area. 

Faith Blackwell has studios in the historic Stutz Building and Circle City Industrial Complex.  She has been the featured artist at boutiques in Indianapolis as well as the 2015 Featured Artist for Dress for Success Indianapolis’ Stepping Out in Style.  Faith has been published in print and online.  Faith has photographed events for Dress for Success Indianapolis, Girls Rock! Indianapolis, Indiana Artisans and Indy League of Lattes.  One of her favorite new loves is food photography where she has contributed to  She has also snapped photos for several fashion bloggers in the area.  Faith loves to travel and will accommodate clients.