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Welcome to the historic
Art Bank,

 an old bank that has seen the passage of time, that we have proudly transformed over the years into something even more historical--an art gallery.

The history of the building and its current use mix to create a free-spirited atmosphere that warmly welcomes everyone. The multifaceted collection of art presented throughout our gallery is impressive in its variety. Whether you visit us on IDADA First Friday Art Tour, or one of our many events during the month, or even on a regular weekday, you will have the opportunity to meet our professional artists for one-on-one conversation. Feel free to come visit us!

Please enjoy our latest news, below:

Sam Bowen, “The Human Soul Inside,” to be the October Feature at the Art Bank

posted Sep 9, 2015, 7:20 AM by Art Bank   [ updated Sep 25, 2015, 2:08 PM ]

Sculptor Sam Bowen will be the featured artist at the Art Bank in October, with “The Human Soul Inside.” His show will open in the Feature Room, October 2nd as part of the IDADA First Friday Art Tour. Admission is free. “
We have the choice to come alive and ignite what is in our true self,” said Bowen. This show is about encouraging this current generation through symbolical sculptures, having this reminder that they can do more instead of accepting their current state and changing it with persistence.”

“Being intentionally different is the key for me. There is only one you. You have to be true to yourself in order for many to benefit,” said Sam Bowen, of his work. He can often be found creating at the Art Bank, working with wood, metal, epoxy, and various types of wire and other mixed media, to create symbolical sculptures that are projections of his own mind, with the intention of creating positive messages. “Encouragement is the word I stand for. In this day in age we need more influences to empower this generation and the next. Everyone needs a positive influence in day to day life,” said Bowen. He hopes to inspire patrons to look for new doors of opportunity and to walk away inspired with positivity and hopes that they can accomplish their dreams.

Bowen will also have additional programming at the Art Bank throughout the month of October, and he also hosts a monthly sculptor group, also at the Art Bank, giving like-minds a chance to connect and encourage each other.

Winning Work!

posted Sep 8, 2015, 6:52 PM by Art Bank

Art Bank Artist Parrish Cooper held a drawing with her piece, "Family Portrait," as the prize.
We are pleased to announce that Sandy Malcolm of Carmel, IN, is the winner!
Congratulations, Sandy!

Robert Price, “Some Landscapes of North America,” to be the September Feature

posted Aug 16, 2015, 1:59 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Aug 16, 2015, 2:00 PM ]

Photographer and geologist Rob Price will be the featured artist at the Art Bank in September, with “Some Landscapes of North America.” His show will open in the Feature Room, September 4th as part of the IDADA First Friday Art Tour. Admission is free. “The more I photographed the landscapes, the more I appreciated the forms and colors wrought by time, water, and wind, so much so that at times I feel I need to smack my head to make sure that what I'm seeing is real. Naturally, after so many years collecting them I feel compelled to share them,” said Price. He hopes visitors leave his show with a deeper appreciation of how the world formed and came to be, via time, and will be rotating his show halfway through the month to offer more of his beautiful world tour.

Drawn to the representation of time that the natural landscapes offer, Robert Price tries to present his photographs as realistically as possible, often waiting hours until his environment (such as a stream he may be standing in) accepts his presence. If an image is too large for his camera to fully capture, he will painstakingly stitch several images together, until he can offer his patrons the full vista that he experienced on location.

“Every natural scene on this Earth that is presented to your eyes throughout your whole life is a convolution of the effects of light, water, and the passage of time,” said Price. “Water and the passage of time are the creators and light is the illuminator of the shapes and forms of the life and rocks that we see. And while we can see water almost everywhere if we just wait a while most of us do not think about the passage of time implicit in the creation and metamorphosis of the world in front of our eyes.”

There's More Than Corn!

posted Aug 9, 2015, 10:47 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Aug 9, 2015, 10:48 PM ]

There's more than corn...or dairy...or deep-fried food in Indiana! Especially the Indiana State Fair. This year, Art Bank Artist Parrish Cooper will be demonstrating live oil painting at the Home and Family Arts building. Look for her in the lower level.

She will be painting her heart out every weekday evening, and throughout each weekend of the fair, August 7th-23rd. She's got the skills and we are so proud of her opportunity to show them off!

Indiana and Indianapolis is home to so many great artists, so take a moment to take in all of the art on display in that same building!

VOTE! Because We Love You!

posted Jul 27, 2015, 8:42 PM by Art Bank

We are so proud and happy to have been nominated again this year as part of the Nuvo Best of Indy awards!
Last year, we came in third behind some great local art powerhouses, and we are thrilled to wave our "Little Gallery That Could" flag!

Please vote for us at the Art Bank, for Best Gallery, and please spread the word. We love you!
Thank you for nominating us!

Bring Out Your Sharpies!

posted Jul 27, 2015, 8:30 PM by Art Bank

August Featured Artist and iPhonographer, Catherine Howie, has announced a SHARPIE marker collection drive to benefit the Emma Donnan School, as part of her “Hudsonian” show at the Art Bank. SHARPIE marker donations will be accepted throughout the month, but drive will also be the main focus of Second Friday Family Night, August 14th, 6-9pm. Admission is free.

“For three years I have been involved in Garfield Park Neighborhood Ministry. Building community and working with children are some of our foundational goals, so partnering with Emma Donnan School is an obvious choice for the Second Friday event at the Art Bank for me,” said Howie. “The art program at Emma Donnan needs black fine and extra fine SHARPIE markers. If every Art Bank patron donated 4-6 SHARPIES during August the school would have enough for an entire school year.”

Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School is located on the south side of Indianapolis.  Over 80% of its students are in low-income households. Focusing on positive results, “this year at Emma Donnan our students will learn to consider themselves artists. We set our achievement goals high; however, with the constrained school budget, we often have to restructure our lesson plans to work with our limited art supplies,” stated the school’s art teacher, Andrea Jandernoa. SHARPIE markers will give students a tool “to create contrast, show line-work, capture emotion, and teach permanence.”

Catherine Howie has structured her Featured Show, “Hudsonian,” to also be child-friendly. She has created a “treasure hunt,” designed to engage young patrons by finding interesting aspects in her work. Children can turn in a completed treasure hunt form for an immediate candy prize, and to enter a drawing with an iTunes card as a prize.

Blue Skies are Shining!

posted Jul 26, 2015, 4:58 PM by Art Bank

We, the Artists of the Art Bank, always appreciate media attention, especially since we are a smaller venue, and one of the few galleries remaining on Mass Ave. We love that people don't forget that we are here, and all of the support we've had from our patrons and fans over the years.

Shelby Roby, from Sky Blue Window, recently did this neat write-up about the Art Bank, and it was great! Sky Blue Window does a really great job of getting around to as many different venues as possible and staying up on the latest IDADA First Friday Art Tour locations as possible, so we wanted to give them a nod of appreciation.

So, please! Check out their full article here.

Whimsical Menagerie

posted Jun 20, 2015, 5:56 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Jun 20, 2015, 5:57 PM ]

Pop painter Kerry Jackson will be the featured artist at the Art Bank for July. His show, “Whimsical Menagerie,” will premiere in the Feature Room on July 3rd, as part of the IDADA First Friday Art Tour. Admission is free. “People are always telling me that my art is ‘all over the place,’ meaning I have many styles and thematic interpretations.  They are correct, and I enjoy my variety.  So, I decided to just celebrate it and let her fly!” says Jackson. 

Jackson insists that his show will be all about the smiles and encourages patrons to chat with him and relate just what it was that brought a smile to their faces. “For many years, I focused my work in a semi-traditional manner... playing around with landscapes, realistic scenes, etc. However, recently I've been moving toward a more simplistic and 'graphic novel' approach to my art. I'm trying to be intentional in helping the viewer enjoy life and a possible trip down memory lane,” says Jackson. “I consider myself to have a unique sense of humor.  It's now manifesting itself in my art.”

Kerry Jackson was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.  Recent transplants to Indianapolis, Kerry and his wife, Twyla, Art Bank Assistant Manager, are the founders of the Circle City Canvas Church, with the aim to reach those in the arts, and in the downtown area. Jackson has a degree in Painting from Mississippi State University, as well as a Masters of Communications Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas. He is also the President of Drawing to the Rock Ministries, Inc., and travels the world creating commissioned speed-painting art as performance art during church services. "Art is a natural expression of my life and faith.  Through my drawing, painting, sculpture, and performance art, I have always tried to explore creativity in unique and powerful ways.  It is my desire that all who view my art will be intrigued and challenged to examine their hearts and their own spirituality."

New Downtown Art Supply Store

posted Jun 10, 2015, 11:03 AM by Art Bank

The Art Bank is happy to announce the grand opening of Strumento, the downtown area’s only art supply store. Located on the second floor of the Art Bank, Strumento will have various supplies in stock, as well as the ability to order specific supplies upon request. Strumento’s grand opening will be celebrated as part of the Art Bank’s Second Friday, June 12th, 6-9pm.

Founded by Art Bank Artist Gina Soo Golden and Brendon Entwistle, Strumento fills a need in the downtown area, as more artists than ever settle in the area, and as Indianapolis champions walkability/bike-ability, and, with that, retail needs closer to the vibrant and growing area.

Strumento is a boutique which stocks supplies suggested by the downtown artist clientele, and their inventory continues to mount. Golden and Entwistle will also search for requested items that are unusual or hard to find, at a good price, and will assemble class materials packages. The duo knows what it’s like to manage many aspects of an arts career, and will facilitate artists’ schedules by accepting afterhours appointments.

Current hours of operation will mirror the Art Bank’s: Wednesday through Friday, 1-8pm, Saturday, 1-9pm, and Sunday, 1-4pm. Strumento can also be reached at 317-227-9485, or through their website,


The Darkness of Color

posted May 15, 2015, 9:21 PM by Art Bank

Abstract painter Terrence Loftus will be the featured artist at the Art Bank for June. His show, “The Darkness of Color,” will premiere in the Feature Room on June 5th, as part of the IDADA First Friday Art Tour. Admission is free. “My show is designed to explore the wide range of visual concepts my paintings present, as well as the affects colors can have on one’s emotions and ideas. Some people see eyeballs and oceans; others see galaxies and endless tunnels,” says Loftus. 

Loftus will debut 18 new pieces, in his distinctive abstract style, focusing on bright colors contrasting against dark swirls and hints of shapes. “My approach to my artwork has always been, ‘what can I do with what I’ve got?’ I have found a way to combine my graphic-detailed pen drawings and my love for bright, bold, colorful paintings into what I currently do,” says Loftus. “The list of miscellaneous items used in my paintings include perfumes, colognes, rubbing alcohol, spray paint, candlewax, chunks of dried paint that sticks to my fingers while I’m painting, polyurethane, aquarium stones, and metal shavings.”

Terrence Loftus is originally from the Chicago area, but has made Indianapolis his home. He has participated in several RAW: Natural Born Artists shows in Indianapolis, Chicago, and in Columbus, Ohio. He has also participated in several shows around the Indianapolis area, including the 5547 Project Gallery, Fountain Square Brewing Company and Two Deep Brewing Company, while making the Art Bank his full-time home. He prides himself on a ‘winging it’ nature to his art, painting with whatever he can find, or whatever is at hand, lending an unexpected nature to the outcome of his work. “In its truest form, my paintings are exactly what you want to see. There’s a lot going on in every piece I do, the harder you look, the longer you look, the more you’ll see and the deeper you’ll fall. I want my work to pull you in so much so that you don’t want to leave without it,” says Loftus.

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