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 The building's history and its current use combine to create a free-spirited atmosphere that warmly welcomes everyone.

With over 30 artists on display, Art Bank offers a variety of styles, media, years of experience and price levels.
 Our artists are constantly creating and rotating their work and we are always welcoming new artists to join us- there is always something new to see.

Art Bank is in a historical bank building with period features such as the teller room and the vault- home of the Book Nook, which offers locally 
published books. On the second floor, you'll find Strumento, one of downtown's only art supply stores.
Join us on First Fridays when we have receptions and extended hours for the featured artist or group show of the month
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Our latest news...

Radie Clark- February Feature Artist

posted Jan 20, 2017, 7:09 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Feb 4, 2017, 5:28 AM ]

Art Bank's February Feature is "Design by Lilith" by Radie Clark. Feb 3-28.
Radie and a painter/photographer friend in the UK met through Instagram. They decided to merge ideas and created "Design by Lilith". Radie's focus is on landscape and lifestyle and has a variety of pieces on printed on metal. The metal really makes photos stand out. "I like people to 'feel' something when they see my work.  Hopefully a good feeling, but even 'oh that's striking' elicits a feeling. I do what I do because beauty is everywhere - I like to capture it.  It helps me connect with people and nature with a sense of appreciation and gratitude." Inspired by Ansel Adams and growing up in Southern Indiana, she has been doing Photography since the age of 10 as a project for 4-H. She has published work and has a 16 x 20 foot piece on Hotel Indigo in Columbus, Indiana. 
All who attend can enter a drawing for the chance to receive one of Radie's pieces valued up to $180

January Featured Artist

posted Dec 31, 2016, 3:36 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Dec 31, 2016, 3:40 PM ]

"Ann Volans" Anna Simon
Reception January 6th--IDADA First Friday Gallery Tour 6-9pm
Cats, crystals, and colorful creations; these are what Anna "Volans" Simon is most notable for making. As a young child, Anna had always been imaging up strange animals and vibrant worlds. Now, after growing up completing a bachelor's and masters' Studio art degree from Pensacola Christian College, she continues to create these whimsical pictures from her head to the best of her ability. Always fascinated by color and life, she hopes to put out something that can encourage and amuse those who view her work!



"Refind Your Palette"

posted Nov 20, 2016, 2:22 PM by Art Bank

The Art Bank will feature a group show of Art Bank Artists as part of the December IDADA First Friday Art Tour, Friday, December 2nd, 6-9pm. Admission is free.

Artists will display pieces that give a look "behind the scenes" into their creative process. For some painters, this will be literally showing their palette or additional pieces that reflect how they work. For photographers, it may be revolve around their equipment or inspiration. Either way, it'll be a look into an artist's world and a fun perspective.

Art Bank to Host IDADA's First In Line

posted Oct 16, 2016, 6:07 PM by Art Bank

The Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA) will hold its annual First In Line event at the Art Bank Gallery, an IDADA Member Gallery, on October 28th, 6-9pm. Admission is free. As IDADA’s only fundraiser, annually, many of Indianapolis’ finest artists donate their work to First In Line, and it’s an excellent chance to get a great deal on beautiful work.

First In Line is an event fueled by artists and supported by art appreciators. Central Indiana artists donate pieces they’ve created and all artwork during the event is sold for $100, with no other qualifiers factoring into the price. Patrons and visitors will have a chance to preview the donated work during regular Art Bank hours on October 28th, from 1pm to 5:55pm, having a chance to mingle and get a good look at the art. At 6pm, sales will begin, and purchasers will be allowed to take their selected art off the walls and to the cashier.

There’s a bit of a competitive nature, but fun wins out and attending artists and patrons have a chance to network and connect—the basis of IDADA.

Art work will remain available for purchase through Sunday, October 30th, will all First In Line sales continuing to help IDADA maintain its mission of developing awareness of the artist and dealer, encouraging strong continuing community support for the visual arts, and promoting the highest professional standards.

Faith Blackwell, “Sole Purpose,” to be November Feature at the Art Bank

posted Oct 1, 2016, 8:26 PM by Art Bank

Photographer Faith Blackwell and her show, “Sole Purpose,” will be featured for the November IDADA First Friday Art Tour, November 4th, 6-9pm. Admission is free.

Serving as the introduction to a book, Blackwell’s show tells the story of people and their passions, and seeing into their world through their shoes. “It is more than an exhibit displaying pretty shoes,” said Blackwell. “Shoes can represent a memory or a specific time in life where we have experienced joys and struggles.”

Faith Blackwell worked as a marketing coordinator for 10 years before taking the leap into photography. “I always said that photography chose me, because I had no idea, no clue, that when I first picked up a camera, I wouldn’t want to put it down,” said Blackwell. “Senior portraits, business headshots, beauty, and events are my specialties, while I enjoy all types and am most driven when creativity is involved.” Blackwell also has a studio at the Stutz and shares space at the Circle City Industrial Complex.

Faith Blackwell is drawn to fashion photography because she can be as creative as she wants to be, and can take her ideas to the limit. Other programming for her First Friday event will include a selfie station, focusing on shoes, and many of the models for her photos will be on hand to discuss the shoot. “My art is photography with fashion flair,” said Blackwell. “And everyone LOVES shoes!”


Joy Hernandez, “Who Glued These Quarters Down?,” to be October Feature at the Art Bank

posted Sep 6, 2016, 10:37 PM by Art Bank

Painter Joy Hernandez and her show, “Who Glued These Quarters Down?,” will be featured for the October IDADA First Friday Art Tour, October 7th, 6-9pm. Admission is free.

“Who Glued These Quarters Down?,” a quote from the movie Empire Records, will highlight the eclectic subject matter of Hernandez’s aerosol-stencil and acrylic work. “I like to paint things that make me happy,” Hernandez says. “It may seem like there’s not much tying these pieces together, but they’re a peek into my world and what I enjoy in life, what goes on in my head.”  

Joy Hernandez, originally from Kewanee, IL, has been the Gallery Manager of the Art Bank since 2013. After studying animation in Chicago, Hernandez moved to Indianapolis and switched gears into news videography. Her love for animation is still apparent in her current aerosol-stencil-acrylic combination technique, as well as the continued desire to use her art to allow others to see what she sees. “If it’s in video, or through a pen, I’ve always wanted to bring people with me, to see what I see,” says Hernandez. “I like the idea of relating to the world through imagery, together. We each get something different out of the same sight.”

Although she’s had work in various group shows around Indianapolis, this will be Hernandez’s first solo show since 2013. “I really feel like I’ve evolved my style in that time,” says Hernandez. “While it may seem simple at times, the process of cutting out the stencil, and spraying that being the last step, there’s no messing up, no going back. I have to live with and accept however it turns out, no touch ups. I like that exercise and journey in what I create.”


Terrence Loftus, “Maze of Media,” to be September Feature at the Art Bank

posted Aug 7, 2016, 8:19 PM by Art Bank

Indianapolis mixed media abstract artist Terrence Loftus, and his show, “Maze of Media,” will be featured for the September IDADA First Friday Art Tour, September 2nd, 6-9pm. Admission is free.

“Maze of Media” showcases the variety of Terrence Loftus’ work, from newly designed coasters to “puzzle-piece” style paintings, each piece represents the collection of ideas and concepts from Loftus over the past year. “Each concept always seems to lead me to another; a new path; a maze of sorts,” says Loftus.

Terrence Loftus was born in Chicago, IL, and lived briefly in Salt Lake City, UT, before relocating to Indianapolis in 2005. Artistically self-taught, his style has progressed along with the circumstances of his life. His inability, early on, to afford acrylic paint and usable brushes led Loftus to his current media of latex wall paint and squirt bottles. “The concepts of just simply making it work, and finding a way, are phrases I live by,” said Loftus. “If I need thicker paint, I will add something to it. If I need it thinner, I will do the same. Household items, such as nails, thumb tax, candle wax, colognes, strainers, perfumes, rubbing alcohol, cheese graters, and funnels are common in my work space.”

Terrence Loftus has always had an interest in graphic and bold works of art, as well as the chaotic “splatter” style. “Over the years, my work has progressed from bold, never-ending circles, to graphic crime scenes on canvas. I love my style because I’m always figuring out new ways to create detail,” said Loftus. Each color combination represents a new thought or sparks a new memory for Loftus, and that will carry him throughout the creation to the completion of each painting.

Barbara Heywood-Chasey, “Reflections,” to be August Feature at the Art Bank

posted Jul 5, 2016, 11:13 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Jul 5, 2016, 11:39 PM ]

Indianapolis photographer Barbara Heywood-Chasey, and her show, “Reflections,” will be featured for the August IDADA First Friday Art Tour, August 5th, 6-9pm. Admission is free. “Reflections” explores Heywood-Chasey’s fascination with architectural details. Her journey begins with the IPS Coca-Cola building, also on Mass. Ave., and continues throughout downtown Indianapolis, before crossing the Atlantic and presenting Heywood-Chasey’s recent trip to Italy.

“My exhibit will show ‘style,’ ‘heritage,’ and ‘culture,’ all elements of reflections,” said Barbara Heywood-Chasey. “I was impressed with its (the Coca-Cola building’s) artistic designs, and that lead me to become intrigued with the other decorative windows and facades of the older buildings in central Indianapolis. While in Italy, I began to consider the amount of history that surrounded me there, and I wanted to ‘reflect’ our more recent history compared to the Italian architecture.”

A lifelong traveler, Barbara Heywood-Chasey started out in Illinois, before her own wanderlust took her around the world. She recounts having traveled 21,000 miles during a summer in college, as part of a stock drama group, helping to entertain Armed Service members. Later, she traveled with her husband, an insurance adjuster, and taught herself the art of photography while helping him in his work.

“I remember exactly when my interest became a passion for photography,” said Heywood-Chasey. “We were traveling early one Maine morning, when I witnessed the most magnificent winter sunrise. For the next six months, I photographed sunrises. Then, I expanded to sunsets.”

She most recently lived in Oklahoma, before settling in Indianapolis in 2008, but still journeys abroad often, with her camera in tow. “I see beauty in whatever I shoot. The longer I take photos, the more aware I become of unfamiliar people, places, and things. I’m eclectic in my tastes,” said Heywood-Chasey.


Debra Gindhart Dragoo, “Acute Sense of Assemblage,” to be July Feature at the Art Bank

posted Jun 4, 2016, 11:19 PM by Art Bank

Muncie artist Debra Gindhart Dragoo, and her show, “Acute Sense of Assemblage” will be featured for the July IDADA First Friday Art Tour, July 1st, 6-9pm. Admission is free. Indianapolis native and chef Matthew J. Gindhart will provide food.

Gindhart Dragoo makes her return to Indianapolis, presenting her outspoken commentary and through her visual art.  “I am a spoken word artist as well, so it has been my voice and poetry flowing through the paint—be it aerosol, acrylics, or otherwise—it’s tactile and telling,” says Gindhart Dragoo. Her work will tell the story of a young girl-artist-woman, giving voice to such issues as childhood sexual abuse/the degradation of women and girls, divorce, cancer—it’s funding, research and cure, chemical effects on the planet, hunger and stardom, all told through vibrant colors sprinkled with spray art.

Debra Gindhart Dragoo worked around the Indianapolis area before relocating to Muncie, Indiana. Always outspoken and creative, she’s poured her energy, over the years, into various projects, both personal and community-wide. She’s practiced her love of spoken-word poetry at various First Thursday (Muncie’s art night) events, and has showcased her Green Glam line of environmentally friendly jewelry, which is also available at the Art Bank.

“I believe that life passes from our art. We evolved with age and, hence, our style and media evolve. My art is storytelling using strokes and spray,” says Debra Gindhart Dragoo. “My art has been fiber and paint and public. Through years of community outreach arts programming, I hold multi-generational projects close to my artist heart. This show reflects the information gathered in my different age progressions. Art is in my spirit, resounding from my soul.”

So Many New Artists to See!

posted May 29, 2016, 7:26 PM by Art Bank   [ updated May 29, 2016, 7:51 PM ]

One of the things we pride ourselves on most at the Art Bank is the diversity of our art--so many styles, so many experience levels, there's something for everyone's tastes, and you can help discover the next new thing, or continue to build your collection with established art.

For June's First Friday, we are so proud to announce the premiere of FOUR new artists! That's right! Four!

• Michael Swolsky--Back by our historic vault, you can't miss Swolsky's metal art; wall sculptures that gleam and leave you wondering just how he crafted those smooth lines and seamless edges. An established artist in the Indianapolis area, you may have also recently seen Swolsky's work at the Stutz Artist Association.

• Audwynn Newman--With a history of drawing comic books for DC, Marvel, and independently, Newman is bringing his distinct style to the Art Bank. Pop in nature, if you're a fan of comics and graphic novels, this may be just what you're looking for.

• Israel Solomon--A He-Man, Masters of the Universe fan, with hip-hop and graffiti stylings as inspiration, Solomon studied art for many years, but grappled with doubt he could 'make it as an artist.' Newer to the scene, we welcome him and, together, we can help him grow in Indianapolis.

• Jim Kirk--Known throughout the area for his hot sauce and chili, Jim Kirk has branched his creative spirit into altered photography. His work focuses on the musical world, the sights and scenes of his travels--both Indy and elsewhere--and, of course, his beloved VW bus, Blushie.

May's First Friday was also the premiere of three more new artists to the Art Bank:

• Anna Simon--Based in Franklin and previously seen in Martinsville, Simon has an out-of-this-universe twist to her finely rendered oil paintings. A touch of the fantastical, a touch of pop, you may see some Mario, some My Little Pony, or some space cats--you never quite know where her imagination will take us next!

• Stephen King--No, not THAT Stephen King, but Indy's own! Our Stephen King has brought his (not scary!) oil paintings to our walls, on their way to your walls. He specializes in plein air, with natural world as his inspiration.

• Addison Wolf--Wolf's large pastel abstracts have now brightened up our walls, and are attracting quite a bit of attention. He works in textures and techniques, and allows the paint to move and approach, in both 2D and 3D.

And kicking off this run of great new work, we added Robin Toulouse in April. Toulouse works in collage and assemblage, constructing antique or flea market finds into beautiful pieces that will be just that right piece for a home.

As always, our artists are constantly premiering new work for our IDADA First Friday Art Tour opens. If they've been here for a while or are new through the door, there's always something great to see on our ever-changing walls.

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