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to the historic
Art Bank,
once, allegedly, the daring site of a robbery by the Depression-era gangster John Dillinger. We have proudly transformed over the years into something even more historical--an art gallery.

The history of the building and its current use mix to create a free-spirited atmosphere that warmly welcomes everyone. The multifaceted collection of art presented throughout our gallery is impressive in its variety. Whether you visit us on IDADA First Friday Art Tour, Second Friday, one of our many events during the month, or even on a regular weekday, you will have the opportunity to meet our professional artists for one-on-one conversation. Feel free to come visit us!

Please enjoy our latest news, below:

Action Packed!

posted Apr 6, 2014, 8:28 PM by Art Bank

Another month full of busy busy Art Bank Artists! Don't blink! You may miss something!

This week, we have our own Second Friday Celebration on the East End, this time showcasing the Salvation Army, in their international aid efforts, as well as the photographic travels of Featured Artists Barbara Heywood-Chasey and Ellen Werner. With your support, their First Friday opening was a great success, but if you have friends that may have missed out, or you'd like a quieter moment to converse with the artists and hear more about their adventures in Bhutan, Jordan, Vietnam, Sweden or Antarctica, be sure to stop in! Admission is free, and Second Friday starts at 6pm.

And then! The next week, April 18th (AKA Good Friday), Art Bank Artist Kerry Jackson will be hosting a special Good Friday gathering. Jackson will take to the canvas at 7pm, and will turn a blank space into a devotional work of art in about a half an hour. Admission, of course, is free.  Need a sample of Jackson's work? Check out the video below:

Drawing To The Rock

And then! And then! Also on Friday, April 18th, and lasting throughout the weekend, the Art Bank is pleased to announce the arrival of Shen Yun to Indianapolis for the 6th year. Their performances will be at Clowes Hall, on Butler University, but their cause is near and dear to the heart of Art Bank Artist, and recent Chinese immigrant Zuimeng Cao. He has explained to us that how important to the preservation of traditional Chinese Culture is to the Shen Yun performers and their show promises to be an art feast for the eyes and ears. For ticketing information, please click here, or on the sidebar image to the left.

And then! And then! And then!

Just kidding! But, the weather is rad, spirits are high, and our next "and then" will be May's First Friday--and we have several treats in store for that month! Thank you for your continued support of the Art Bank and its artists!

Spring First Friday!!

posted Apr 4, 2014, 10:13 AM by Art Bank

is here!

That brings rain, but we'll take that over snow. We're off and running and have some great art for this month!
Barbara Heywood-Chasey and Ellen Werner, friends, photographers, and world travelers, have filled our Feature Room with their show "The Essence of Place--The Spirit of People."  If you've got a case of spring fever and are antsy to get out of house, come see the world, all from one room.  For Second Friday, the duo will also be showcasing the Salvation Army, in appreciation of the organizations efforts year round.

In our Gray Room Gallery, upstairs, we have student work by Lauren Robillard and Kyle Shinn. Lauren specializes in 3D work, woodworking, with functionality. Kyle will be on our walls, with black and white drawings. Please wander upstairs to support these students!

While you're up there, be sure to stop in to the Winstead Room and check out the work of Mark Farley, one of our newest artists!

We are proud to be a stop on the IDADA First Friday Arts Walk!

Second Friday!

posted Mar 14, 2014, 12:27 PM by Art Bank

It's Second Friday! And it's warm! We've hopefully left that winter behind us, but we are truly grateful to all of you that supported us during those cold days.

Art Bank Artists are off and running this spring! Tonight, we have Featured Artist Zuimeng Cao giving a demonstration on his traditional Chinese painting technique. He has quite the story, on his journey to the United States, and is a proud supporter of Shen Yun, the Divine Culture performance troupe that will be presenting shows at Clowes Hall on Butler University, April 18th-20th. The Art Bank is a proud supporter of Cao and Shen Yun. For more information on shows and tickets, click here. But for now, get a primer on the culture, the background, and the deep history of Chinese art tonight at 6pm (Admission to Second Friday is free).

Meanwhile, in Fishers, Art Bank Artists Rachel Illingworth and Tomás Howie premiere their group show
at Launch Fishers, along with D. Michael Jack. Launch is a facility, located in Fishers, Indiana, dedicated to promoting start-ups and innovation by providing a meeting place and general multi-purpose office space for those that may yet have their own facilities.  More information can be found here. Congratulations to Rachel and Tomás!

And, back downtown, Art Bank Artist Brinton Farrand will have a collection of his work at the Indiana Comic Con, throughout the weekend!  Farrand has many pieces derived from popular HBO series Game of Thrones, and several pieces inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The convention runs through the weekend, and ticket info can be found here. There are a lot of big names in town for the con, and we're sure Farrand will have a blast rubbing elbows! Good luck Brinton!

Next week, on March 19th, Art Bank Artists Terrence Loftus, Amanda Nichols Mc, and Tyler White will be part of a great RAW: Natural Born Artists show! This year, RAW will be held at the Murat (AKA the Old National Centre) and tickets are still available.  There promises to be a great variety of work at RAW, and we are very proud of these three, some of our newest artists at the Art Bank, as they kick off the RAW season.

And, looking ahead, on March 28th, Art Bank Artist Steve Whitlock will be performing as part of the Indianapolis Men's Chorus in their show "From the B-List," at Marion University. You may know him for his acrylic or pen & ink work inside the Bank, but outside, Whitlock has quite a set of pipes!

At the Art Bank, we support our artists in their endeavors, as they venture out to make the Indianapolis-area art scene a brighter, more colorful place! 

Here Comes The Sun

posted Mar 5, 2014, 2:22 PM by Art Bank

Phew! That was a long, cold, lonely winter!
We missed you! Each and every one of you, our patrons, the smiling faces we see each First Friday (and, sometimes, on Second Friday).

We won't shy from it, this winter was tough on everyone, but especially on smaller businesses, and, those of us, like artists, that depend on people wanting to slog through some snow to see us. It's been rough.

Here Comes The Sun

We are thankful, though, that everyone stayed safe, even if it was at home, and we are thankful for the frigid beauty this winter gifted to us.

Our Featured Artist for March, Zuimeng Cao, is inspired by the winter, and, importantly, the melt. A newcomer to the United States, Cao practices a traditional Chinese painting technique, but with a twist: He focuses on the melt of snow on branches and landscape (something pretty difficult to master!).  His work is amazing, his story and journey is amazing, and together, it all makes for a First Friday you don't want to miss.  Or a Second Friday not to be missed--Cao will be gracing us with a demonstration of his technique on March 14th.

We'll see you Friday, when forecasters are promising us 50 degrees. But, until then, enjoy this happy video.

It's all right.

It's Cold! But We're Still Having Fun!

posted Jan 26, 2014, 7:34 PM by Art Bank

This Friday, we will be hosting a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and you're all invited!

There will be music by Ghosts of Kin, and Art Bank Artist Sarah Boutwell will be on hand to show how you can help the cause!

And we didn't stop there. If you missed Art Bank Artist Barbara Mangus-Hopkins on WFYI 90.1's Art of the Matter, guess what?
Here's a link, so you can hear it for yourself!
(She in the second segment, about halfway through).



posted Jan 4, 2014, 7:30 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Jan 4, 2014, 7:34 PM ]


No really, it is. (It might even be snowing. Right. Now.)

If you've watched local weather reports, picked up a paper, or checked your social media feeds at any point in the last three days, you know we're in for some fun. And, we understand, if, in your mad rush for French toast supplies, you won't exactly be able to get around to the Art Bank. In fact, we want you to stay home.

The Art Bank will be closed on Sunday, January 5th, and the start of the "Creative Life" Creative Group with Artist Kerry Jackson has been postponed until NEXT Sunday, January 12th, again at 5-7pm. We are normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and will be closed on those days this week as well, because, it's just TOO COLD for any of that kind of thing. We want you to stay home, too, to drink some cocoa, catch up on your soaps, stay off the roads, and drip your pipes so they won't freeze.

We'll see you later this week, when we thaw out at a balmy projected 36 degrees, just in time for our Second Friday Celebration on the East End, this month presenting IDADA and collecting art supplies for Key Learning Community school. (HEY! That's a thought: While you're home, staying toasty, look around for some extra supplies you'd like to donate. It will make the next generation of artists very happy!)

January's Feature--"Frozen Frames"

posted Jan 1, 2014, 7:39 PM by Art Bank

The Art Bank has been a flurry of activity over the holidays! (Well, the skies were clear, so we had to have flurries somewhere, this is still winter).  And we've been watching the weather forecast, too. Next week, we will all be frozen, but this week, it's just our art!

January's IDADA First Friday Gallery Walk will mark the grand opening of the Art Bank's first group show: "Frozen Frames: An Art Bank Night at the Movies." Our artists have come up with unique and special pieces, each in our own voice, and each marking a movie we love.

We will also begin collecting donations of art supplies for the Key Learning Community school, so we can boost up the next generation of artists.

So yeah, it's cold. But come see us. We'll have popcorn.

Tis The Season

posted Dec 23, 2013, 8:19 PM by Art Bank   [ updated Dec 23, 2013, 8:20 PM ]

Merry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah!
Feliz Navidad, Sunny Solstice, and an Agreeable  Festivus for the rest of you.

We, the Artists of the Art Bank, would like to thank you, our wonderful Patrons and Supporters, for your support, friendship, and encouragement over this last year, in years past, and continued in the years to come. We wouldn't be the same without you!

2013 has been a fun ride, and, as it comes to a close, we begin looking ahead. 2014 will bring our first group show as our January Feature: "Frozen Frames: An Art Bank Night at the Movies." First Friday, January 4th, we will open our show with a little bit of movie love for everyone.

The fun continues into the next week, with our Second Friday Celebration on the East End of Mass Ave. It's not just us, now, it's the East End, continuing to evolve with some great businesses, eateries, and wonderful ways you can show love for the creative spirit of the area.  Our Second Friday Celebration offering is an all-out 'movie premiere' night, benefiting IDADA, the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association. Are you a fellow artist, gallery, or friend of the arts that would like more information on IDADA? This night would be your night!

We will also be collecting art supplies for the Key Learning Community IPS Magnet School, throughout the month of January. So on any night, or day, stop by with some supplies in hand! The next generation will be grateful for your support.

We are excited, looking ahead into the New Year. Our Featured Artist list continues to shape and grow, and promises some wonderful art. We keep adding to our ranks, premiering new artists all the time, it seems, and our current artists are always unveiling new work. It's never the same Art Bank twice.

So here's to a Wonderful New Year!

Taking care of Business (both small and worldwide!)

posted Nov 12, 2013, 7:10 PM by Art Bank

The month of November has been an exciting month at the AB. Since the start of the month, the Art Bank has welcomed an exhibit entitled ‘Vital Threat’, an artistic exploration of the harm that mankind has done to our oceans and waterways by Rachel Illingworth. Using untraditional materials like plastic bags, broken glass, and motor oil, Rachel has laid out a tapestry in our feature gallery that tells a story about the impact that humans have had on the world around them, as well as solutions to the damage we have caused. From installation pieces to paintings, Rachel hopes that any and all who view this exhibit will be moved to take action before it is becomes too late for us all to do so. Her re-purposed materials exemplifies the idea of reducing usage, reusing non-environmentally friendly materials, and recycling items (in this case, as a series of imminent art that shows both beauty and gives us a foreboding warning for our future if we don’t revisit our consumer culture). ‘Vital Threat’ remains on exhibit until the end of November – see it before it disappears!

Coming up on Saturday, November 30th is ‘Small Business Saturday’. We at the AB invite everyone to come see new artwork by the resident artists, and welcome all to support independent artists and their pursuits – Mass Ave is a fantastic place to stroll and peruse local artisans and gifts and is perfect to pick up something special for the ones you love, and don’t forget to stop in while you stroll the Ave!

And Now, a Word With Our Featured Artist

posted Nov 10, 2013, 2:53 PM by Art Bank

If you haven't had a chance to catch Rachel Illingworth's Featured exhibition, "Vital Threat," her environmentally minded work will be up until the end of the month.

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