Formal Elements

The formal elements are the basic language of Art. You need to know these words and definitions off by heart to help you with your art work and your understanding of Art. You will find below, links to pages of each of the formal elements.
Line- The path or direction of a mark.
Tone - The variation of shading from dark to light.
Texture-The surface quality of an object. Either the illusion of it in a picture or the actuals surface of the artwork.
Pattern-A repeat image or motif.
Colour-Made up of hue, intensity and value. Hue: the colour itself. Intensity: how rich the colour is. Value: How light or dark the          colour is.
Shape- The 2D (dimensional) shape of an object. The total effect produced by the outline of an object.
Space-Limited or unlimited area which may or may not contain objects.
Form- The 3D (dimensional) shape of an object.  Good website on colour, how the eye sees colour, etc