Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail

 The Art Center is spearheading the effort to bring the heritage quilt trail to Ridge Spring.  We will paint quilt squares on boards to go on barns, businesses, and homes in Saluda county. This trail started in the upper part of the state and is presently as far as McCormick, as it winds its way down and across South Carolina.  

We would like the squares that are painted to be linked in some way (usually the name of the block), to the history of the site, the family hosting the block, or the county.  The quilt block you choose for your site could come from a quilt made by someone in your family.   Maybe you would like to honor someone in your family with a block, one for your business with your logo colors, or one for your home, just because they are so beautiful.  We would like it to be a traditional quilt block, and we will be trying to avoid duplicating blocks, so if you have a preference, let us know.  You may contact Barbara Yon at 685-5386 for more information.  A copy of the application form is posted at the bottom of this page.
 Jerry Disher and Phil Yon unveiling the quilt block in front of the Art Center in Ridge Spring

 Children at the 2012 Art Camp  painted four quilt blocks for the trail.  They are installed on the east side of the Civic Center adjacent to the children's playground.


Mayor Asbill (L), accepting the quilt block donated by Gloria Grizzle (R) in honor of her mother, Gladys Williams Grizzle.

Daisy Rutland's quilt block, donated to the Town of Ridge Spring in honor of her parents.

And Another Quilt Block Goes Up...
Billy Rodgers sent us this photograph of the quilt block he sponsored being installed on his barn, located off highway 39 on Waterfront Lane.

Photograph provided by Billy Rodgers

The Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail Begins!
May 26, 2012, marked the beginning of the Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail in Saluda County.  Inside the Art Center in Ridge Spring was an exhibition of heirloom and contemporary quilts.  Community members brought to the gallery quilts made by their great grandparents, grandparents, and parents as well as quilts they themselves made.  Outside the Art Center the Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail installation team unveiled the first quilt blocks created and installed in Saluda County.

Nut House Added to the Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail


Betty Edmonds, Joe Cal Watson, and Betty Watson standing next to the newly installed quilt block at the Nut House


On July 5, the Nut House in Ridge Spring installed a quilt block on its building to honor the works of Frances Laura Anderson.  Frances, born January 8, 1899, was the daughter of Lionel Anderson and Mildred Gentry, of Spartanburg.   In 1920 she married Wallace W. Stedman, and in 1924 they moved to Ridge Spring.  For the next 50 years she served the Ridge Spring community in countless ways.

In 1968 Frances made a beautiful quilt, which was later given to a daughter, Elizabeth (Betty) Watson.  Betty in turn later gave it to her daughter, Mary Edmonds.  Joe Cal Watson commissioned the Art Center in Ridge Spring to paint a quilt block to be hung outside the Nut House, reproducing the pattern Frances used to make the fabric quilt.  Many friends and relatives came to enjoy the installation ceremony.

The Nut House is the first business in Saluda County to install a quilt block on its building.  As more quilt blocks are installed in Saluda County, a brochure will be made to mark the location of each quilt block installed on the Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail.

Barbara Yon presenting the fabric quilt owned by Mary Edmonds
Quilt Blocks for the Town

The Ridge Spring Harvest Festival has sponsored three quilt blocks, as toppers for each of the three brick markers to the entrance to the town.  Each 2 foot by 6 foot quilt block is patterned from one or two heirloom quilts from a family that has made major contributions of service to the community over the years.

     Asbill Family,  located at the entrance on highway 392.

     Crouch Family, located at the western entrance on highway 23

         Householder Family, located at the eastern entrance on highway 23.

Gloria Grizzle,
Jun 10, 2012, 7:11 AM