Art Association of Ridge Spring Gallery
"Where art comes alive on the South Carolina Ridge" 
Our gallery is located in the Art Center behind the Ridge Spring Civic Center
 at 108 Maintenance Building Circle.
Friday and Saturday hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., March thru December
On other days call 803 685-5003  to make an appointment.

All gallery exhibitions are free and open to the public.

In November we will be open Thursday evenings in addition to Fridays and Saturdays.  Come browse our new gift shop (all items $50 or less).

3D Art

 Our three-dimensional art includes gourds, carved wood, pottery, mosaics, jewelry, basketry, and fabrics.  The majority of the items are priced below $50 and are one-of-a-kind handmade items by local artists.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the high quality and skilled craftsmanship offered at these low prices.  Shop here for a wide selection of art pieces that make excellent gifts. 

                                     Wood carving by Linda D. Lake

           Pine Needle Basket by Donna N. Minor

                                  Mosaic Tray by Barbara M. Yon

"Annabell"  Gourd Art by Joanne Crouch

                        Ceramic Teapot by Donna M. Minor

                          Knitted Scarf by Barbara M. Yon

                               Gourds by Joanne Crouch

 Check out our note cards...

 We offer note cards featuring South Carolina's history, culture, and natural environment not available elsewhere: prints of Marion Webb's original oil paintings of low country scenes; prints of Gwen Power's original watercolor paintings of South Carolina farm scenes, wild flowers, waterscapes, abstracts, and barns; prints of Deborah Reeves original drawings of birds and wildlife;  prints of Gloria Grizzle's nature photographs;  and a print of the mural the children in the 2010 art camp painted for the Civic Center.

Greeting card by Marion Webb
 Quilt Blocks Available

Would you like to have a painted quilt block for your home, barn, or business but don't have a pattern in mind?  Come by the Art Center and see the selection of quilt blocks already painted and available for purchase.  The quilt block shown below is a 2 foot by 2 foot Ohio Star with a Searchlight center inset, painted by Donna Minor.

2D Art

Joanne Crouch's wax paintings are our featured art for November.   Joanne's display includes paintings in both hot wax and cold wax processes.  Encaustic wax is a hot wax process that uses beeswax infused with pigment.  Each layer is fused with the former layer with a heat gun or torch.

Joanne Crouch - Encaustic Wax

Galaxy Explosion by Joanne Crouch
(Encaustic Wax)

Quiet Reserve by Joanne Crouch
(Cold Wax)

Hopelands Neighbors by Gwen Power

 Water Drop Photograph by D. S. Owens

Ron Buttler

Abstract by Barbara Yon


Photograph by Gloria Grizzle 
Looking for something special?  We have items to fit all pocketbooks, including note cards, gourds, soaps, felted scarves, jewelry, pottery, mosaics, collages, photographs, prints, and original framed and unframed oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings.    
Pottery by Sammy Clark

Artists currently exhibiting items at the gallery: 
  • Ron Buttler - oil and mixed media 
  • Valerie Buttler - book
  • Sammy Clark - pottery
  • Betsy Connelly n- watercolor
  • Joanne Crouch - gourds and encaustic wax
  • Betty Deans - pottery
  • Melvin Deans -acrylic and watercolor and pottery 
  • Christie Dunbar - portrait painting and felted scarfs
  • Gloria Grizzle - nature photography, oil painting, graphite drawing, and note cards
  • Melanie Knight - photography, note cards
  • Linda Lake - gourds, wood carving, and jewelry
  • Donna Minor - gourds, pine-needle baskets, and pottery
  • D. S. Owens - photography
  • Gwen Power - watercolor originals and prints and note cards
  • Conni Purciarele - acrylic painting
  • Deborah Reeves - drawing note cards
    Mary Rogers - oil paintings
  • Karyn Sealy - children's book
  • Emily Short - acrylic paintings
  • Marion Webb - cards, oil paintings and prints
  • Barbara Yon - acrylic and watercolor paintings, mosaics, collages, jewelry
  • John Zurlo - acrylic paintings