Who funds art?
In the United States, on average half the revenue for nonprofit arts oganizations comes from their earned income, another 35.5% comes from individual contributions and endowments, 7.5% from foundations and corporations, and 7% from local, state, and federal governments.  (Source:  Robert Lynch, "Harnessing the Power of the Arts:  Capitalizing on the Economic Power of the Creative Industry," Public Management, Vol. 90, No. 9) 
We are grateful to these people and organizations, who gave money, supplies, equipment, or their expertise to the Art Association of Ridge Spring this year:

Jane Bess of Jane Bess Pottery in Edgefield
Jeanne and Brandon Velie of Juniper Restaurant in Ridge Spring
Thomas Koole, Professional Pottery Program, Piedmont Technical College - Edgefield County Center
Maxfield Parrish, Town of Ridge Spring
Saluda County Council
South Carolina Arts Commission
Woman's Study Club of Ridge Spring

We spent these funds purchasing services and goods from businesses in Saluda, Ridge Spring, Aiken, and Batesburg-Leesville, so we are giving back to our community.  The donations were combined with volunteer time to start the Ridge Heritage Quilt Trail, create the pottery studio, continue the children's summer art camp, and improve the appearance of the gallery. 
Thank you!