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2011 Snow & Ice Photos

Last year we were gifted with a beautiful snow the day before Valentine's Day.  This year we got double snow, one the day after Christmas and another January 10.  The second snow came with ice as well and lasted a week, unusual for our part of the country.  These photos, provided by our members, document our winter of 2011 snows.  These snows gave our children and all who are young at heart an opportunity to experience the beauty and peace of a snow-covered community.  Our members want to share these photos with you as a Valentine's Day 2011 gift.    

For all who view these photos, may your heart be filled with peace and love and joy for nature's wonders.  


Please keep in mind that the copyrights for all photographs are owned by the attributed photographers.  No images are within the Public Domain and none may be used without written permission of the photographer. 
                            (c)2011 Joanne Crouch          Ridge Spring gazebo before the Dec. 26 snow 
                                            (c)2011 Jessica Hughes Goodman    The Road Near My House on Dec. 26

                            (c) Walt Power                         It Is Snowing Again!   Jan. 10
                            (c) Walt Power                            Still Snowing

(c) 2011 Phil Yon                                                           Yon Family Farm

                                                (c) 2011 Donna Minor

                                                (c)2011 Donna Minor

(c) 2011 Danny O'Driscoll                      Female Cardinal in My Yard

(c) 2011 Danny O'Driscoll                                Male Cardinal in My Yard

                                                        (c) 2011 Danny O'Driscoll    Christmas Tree in My Yard

(c)2011 Danny O'Driscoll                                  Snow in My Backyard

                        (c)2011 Shannon Shull                         Snow Covered Roof, Shull Family Home

                        (c)2011 Shannon Shull               Sawyer Shull Ready for Adventure

                        (c)2011  Shannon Shull                              Mina Shull Catching Snow Flakes on Her Tongue

                                                    (c)2011 Shannon Shull              The Snow Turns to Ice

                            (c)2011 Gloria Grizzle                           This Ice Is Cold!      Jan. 11



                            (c)2011 Gwen Power           Two Days After the Snow - Jan. 12
                            (c)2011 Gwen Power                         Iced Trees above the Roof
                                            (c)2011 Gwen Power         Sun Reflects Off the Ice (Like Having Christmas Trees Again)
                             (c)2011 Gloria Grizzle               Ice on the Ground
                           (c)2011 Gloria Grizzle                           Iced Forsythia
                            (c)2011 Gloria Grizzle                  Jan. 15 - The Snow and Ice Linger On