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Happy International Artist Day  

October 25th 2011

"art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" - pablo ruiz picasso

Live in creative bliss!

"Art & Soul"  Concepts  

Creative Healing with Sacred Art

and Colour

"providing private and group healing sessions that combine sacred art, colour therapy and intuitive guidance"

"Art for



On-Line Gallery

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Art for


'Heart Centred Vision'

Joanna C. Bevis "OJO" 2008




Spheres on






in Sendall Gardens - Langley B.C


A place to gather for living in love.

Please contact Mark Trevis or visit his website for what he is offering in continuance of moon meditations.


¨ Our Earth as Art ¨


October 25th 2010

¨Art washes away from the soul, the

 dust of every day life.¨

Each year on October 25th artists and art lovers 
from around the world honour this day of Pablo
 Picasso´s birth to gather and appreciate the arts in various ways.

This year I invite others to explore the beauty, art & creation of your immediate environment.

Wherever and whatever your day requires, take time to experience moments of creative bliss through the Art of Nature.

Enjoy the sounds, aromas, textures,  sihts, flavours, emotions & thoughts that envelop you everyday in the most common actions.  Open yourself to look, listen, feel, smell, taste, touch & know the art of the creator beyond this physical world.

Create from your soul an artistic encounter - a few ideas to start with:
- cook a delicious meal from your heart and share it 
- get fresh scented flowers to permeate your space and breathe them in
- paint your own work of art from your favourite scenery
- play in the snow, at the beach or in the woods with a friend
- record the sounds of nature that nurture your soul, or sit in silence with them
- watch the stars
- write a poem or story inspired by nature and send it to someone you love
- make a shrine to honour Mother earth
Use your imaginative powers in co-creation with your surroundings and MAKE ART.

This INTERNATIONAL ARTIST DAY take the ordonary creation of the life you live and make it into an extraordinary masterpiece of art to celebrate with love & joy!!!

I welcome your e-mails regarding creations and experiences from tcelebrating this event, and will be choosing 3 people that ¨touch the soul of creative bliss¨to send a surprise labyrinth gift.
You will be contacted by 11.08.10 if you´ve been selected.
Enjoy- Sunshine & Soulshine....Joanna - OJO

Updates coming soon...
the transformation of a new
 concept in the life
and times
 of OJO!

"Synergy" 1+1=3

Symbol and Colour

Through October, Seventh Heaven Art & Beauty Salon presents “Synergy”, a collection of symbolist paintings by Joanna C. Bevis, which utilizes archetypal symbols to facilitate focus and serenity. ‘OJO’, which represents the universal eye of all-knowing states, "the purpose we share on the journey of life is to plant seeds of creation through art & knowledge, inspiring others to know, be, trust, see  & love who they are." 
Working with various forms of sacred geometry, colour and artistic process, creates the opportunity for others to receive healing through sacred art & colour.  “By an intuitive use of form and colour my work assimilates a vibration unique as each individual who experiences it.  As I work I know that the shapes textures and colours that evolve will speak to an individual who is in synch with their context.” 
Joanna, OJO, also engages in personal symbol mandalas, labyrinths in 2 or 3 dimensional media, such as garden labyrinths or meditational objects.

Re-Location Celebration


'Art for The Soul Gallery'


     Saturday August 29th

        11am - 7pm 

Private Bookings available for

Viewing & Sales 

Re-locationCelebration.pdf ____________________________________

 Saturday August 22nd 2009 

Township 7 Vineyards & Winery - Langley location only

Sunday, June 28th 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

  (Rain or Shine)  16th Ave & 212th St Langley

* Featuring Local Artists, Artisans, Crafters,
* Children’s Hands on “Fun Area”
* Local Food Vendors & BBQ
* Produce & Flower Vendors, Demonstrations,
* Live Music By: Jesse Burch Jazz Band

And of course… wine tasting!


        May 3rd -29th 2009          

"Colours of the Soul"  


"Jewel of the Mudra"

Art Exhibit & Sale

at Libby's Kitchen


"Earth Day" Labyrinth


Thursday April 22nd 2009


Intro Evenings

"Heart of the Soul - Centre

of the Labyrinth"

How to implement the path of the labyrinth on our journey to creating wholeness and heart-centred awareness.  

Through exploring the curves & corners of life as we integrate our left & right brain hemispheres and traveling to the centre of our soul, we find balance with the use of this amazing tool.

During this introductory talk we will explore through meditation and creative hands on use of the labyrinth.

To book an intro evening with your group, please contact me for available dates.


"Creating a New World"   Joanna C. Bevis "OJO" 


Mandalas & Labyrinths  

Transformative Art Classes

& Workshops

Spring classes and workshops to be posted soon


Soul-Art Logo Designs

Intuitive Soul-Art Creations that specifically resonate with your expression through sacred geometry and mandalas.


 Previous Labyrinth Projects

Ahau Day

of Light


"Thoughts for enlightened living in a new time factor."

*special note:  in the realm of time acceleration we move forward quickly.....leap on to the leaf of fate!



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