The Art of Natural Horse Keeping ...
Creative, out of the box thinking is where we need to go if we want to keep our domestic horses in the most natural habitat possible. 
When we look to nature for our example, we find the wild horses running across rough terrain with rock hard soles and thick, smooth hoof walls, short toes and low heels with frog contact to the ground as they move.
They live in herds, in almost constant movement, foraging on dry grasses and shrubs - a nibble here and there, very seldom staying in one place to graze for hours on end in grassy meadows.
A more natural way of keeping domestic horses is possible.  We can get them out of  the confinement of steel shoes, out of the isolation of box stalls, moving outside of rectangular shaped paddocks, and get them off the founder traps in lush green pastures.
The art to having horses with healthy hooves and tough soles, is a combination of regular maintance barefoot trims, the opportunity for natural movement 24 hours a day, and a diet that nature intended. 
Jaime Jackson tells us how to create a natural environment for our domestic horses in his book "Paddock Paradise - A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding". Go to my Natural Boarding page for more information.
Dedicated to horses and the health of their soles,
Holly Moffatt
Hoof Care Practitioner
AANHCP Certified