7th Grade Plaster Mask

8th Grade-Self Portrait

 7th Grade- Color Mosaic


6th Grade- Pencil Drawing


State of the Arts Report  1999 

 Ohio Arts Council

The following data was conducted in 1999 by the Center for Survey Research.  The Ohio Arts Council, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education, collected this data via a series of three mail surveys conducted over the course of three months.  These surveys were sent to a random sample of 1,600 school principals out of the  total 3,769  schools in Ohio.  Of the 1,600 surveys sent, 849 were fully completed.  It is important to note that the lowest response geographically was the Southeast Region at 11% and the highest was Northeast at 38%. 

School Data Analysis Presentation  

Full School Data Analysis Report (157 pgs.) -- PDF Version 

OHIO: A State for the Arts

  State of the Arts Report      2001 

  Ohio Arts Council 

Full Report (24 pgs)-- PDF Version 

 Arts in Education- All 50 States Standards & Policies

Talking Points for the Arts  

Ohio Citizens for the Arts

Americans for the Arts - Facts

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