Art & Nature Community

                                        ART & NATURE_C OMMUNITY

Art & Nature Community is an individual professional, non-profit Art Activities Project; follow-up the reflection of the ideology of A&N source, thru several individual art projects as : ( A&N Studio, A&N Workshops, Dar Amre ), besides ( A&N Salon, with its several projects ), which is such a way to communicate with multi-culture individual professional Artists around the world, and keep working with your art creations, supported by the communications and cooperation’s of other colleagues as a ( Group ), and thru their individual art activities as well; ( A&N Salon ) is open to all professional Artists around the world, ( who share the ideology of Art & Nature )…;  ( A&N Salon ) comprises of the traditional Art activities, and its own online representation and activities on the each artist's website,.. A&N_Community start its activities on Friday, 7th Of July 2000; its goal is to unite artists in a common goal of promoting harmony between all visual artists and nature. (Artist; Ali Abou            )

Contact by mailto: Ali Abou