Year Around Lessons


NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus, we will follow state recommendations for groups and safe distancing.  When the state allows groups, we will screen for individuals that have had no contact with possible virus cases. 

Private art classes are currently available because safe distancing and mask guidelines can be followed.

Virtual art classes will be available during the school year with a minimum group of 3.

New Classes at Art and More!

  Zoom  Virtual 
      Group Art Lessons      

Learn to experiment and create with a variety of art media and craft materials. Plus find out about artists' tricks, optical illusions and other fun science related to art, learn about other cultures and history of art, and more.

A list of the materials you need will be posted here a week ahead and you will need to prepare your own covered work space at home.

Grades K-5   3:15-4:15 pm Thursdays starting January 6, 2021 (no class Feb 25th)


The following virtual class will be held when more students sign up. Until then, older students can join in with the class above:

Grades 6-12    4:30-5:30 pm  Wednesdays

Virtual Class Price -- $10/hour per household

Materials for Febuary: 
Water colors, oil pastels (or crayons); fine point marker; white heavy paper (watercolor paper)

You must email to register for the Zoom link:

NOTE: Alternate days and times can be arranged to meet the schedules of those interested when we have a group of 3 or more. 


   In Person Small Group Classes    

Creative Afternoon

Kids Art Group

Do you need a place to encourage you, where you are allowed to get messy and have time for your own artistic explorations? Then come join us in our art studio and see what you can create. Lessons vary and may include paints, pastels, collage materials, weaving, beads, pompoms, pipe cleaners, recycled materials, and natural materials. 

Sessions vary. Most begin with inspirational books and artworks plus instruction in use of the day's materials. Then you might follow the instructor's model to help you create your own artwork. Or sometimes you may explore creating your own ideas with the materials for the day

Ages 6 - 9

$15 for 60 minute session 

4:30 - 5:30 pm

Limited to 4-5 students while Covid social distancing restrictions are in place.  Call to make a reservation.

1st and Third Thursdays of each month

Creative Afternoon

Youth Art Group

Come join us to have an instructor teach you tips and techniques to create and improve your artistic skills. No experience necessary! Students may help plan future themes to be taught and the art media to be used such as painting, life drawing, drawing in 3-D, sculpture and clay. 

Ages 10 - 17

$15 for 60 minute session 

4:30 - 5:30 pm

Limited to 3 - 5 students while Covid social distancing restrictions are in place.  Call to make a reservation.

     2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month 

(except 4th Thursdays of November and December when class will decide makeup dates)

Reservations Required so call to get on the list now.


also available online

An art experience here or there can be great fun.  But real progress with art principles requires a time commitment just like music lessons. This is your opportunity to have lessons with a specialized art educator. You choose your area of interest to study.

All abilities, children and adults welcome

Private Lesson Prices

AGES 7 and UP: Affordability lesson--Come for 30 minutes to learn skills and start a project that you will finish on your own time at home for $20 including materials. Add a sibling for just $5 more.


 AGES 7 and UP: Come enjoy your personalized private lesson for just $30 with an entire hour to be taught, coached, and supported. Add a sibling for just $5 more.

See sample projects


For growth in art, it is best to work in one medium (paint, pencil, pastels, printmaking, clay and so forth) over multiple lessons to gain skill in the use of those materials.  It is recommended to choose one area for a series of at least 4 lessons.

Some suggested areas of study:


Intro to Tempera Paints--brush techniques, opaque and translucent (wash), color mixing

Intro to Drawing--learn about line, drawing cartoon faces with expression, looking at simple shapes, and drawing what you see

Intro to Printmaking--simple shapes make wonderful designs that even the youngest can do

Chalk and Oil Pastels--create vibrant pictures quickly, very satisfying for the young up to the oldest artist

Collage--good for learning design principles and observation skills, and also fun for even the youngest

Air Dry Clay--bas-relief faces; pinch pots; simple creatures; bas-relief scenes; three-dimensional form     NOTE: Lessons in clay require an additional materials fee

Modern Art Designs--great for young children and up to adult ages who have a fear of representational art (those who say they can't draw a straight line or are afraid that what they draw does not look like what they think it should)

Tin Foil and Recycled Materials in 3-D--great for trying out three dimensional work without the added expense of clay. Learn to use an armature and engineering principles that provide stability.


Intermediate levels progress to work in areas of composition design including planning foreground and background, thinking about size relationships, color choices with a purpose, visual rhythm, center of interest and so forth.

Intermediate to advanced levels are available in all of the media above.  Plus the following are suitable:

Fun with Design--learn what makes parts of a picture or design "pop" and catch the eye.

Exploring Optical Illusions--great fun and students learn about light, sight and the visual world

Drawing in Detail--improve your drawing skills by learning to look very carefully and adding details to your pictures

Drawing in 3-Dimensions--learn about the illusions to create a 3-D world on a 2-D paper

Drawing the body in motion--one of the most difficult things for students to do, but I have a secret that really helps them loosen up

Portraiture--work in varied media for different ways to portray the face and body from simple abstract to more realistic

Painting Landscapes--learn different brush techniques and how to plan the different parts of your composition for interesting effects

Painting Still Lifes--learn to look carefully and paint what you see while using your "artistic license" for a creative composition

Fabric arts--learning to weave or sew.

Communication--learn to plan a composition like a poster that really appeals to the viewer and says what you want them to understand--GREAT FOR STUDENTS RUNNING FOR SCHOOL OFFICE

Art Appreciation--learn from great artists to inspire you in your own works!

Have other ideas?  Just ask about the possibilities...


Private Sewing

Learn the basics of sewing and advance to using a pattern. Intermediate students will learn how to adjust patterns to fit. Advanced students will learn how to change a pattern to create your own style variation. 

Materials provided for first lesson and then you may choose and purchase your own materials.

$35 per 75 minute session. 

Reservations Required. Call to schedule a time.


Caregiver/Young Child 

Group Art Exploration 

This is an opportunity for young ones to explore art materials with the help of a teenage sibling, parent or grandparent.  

Parents learn how to motivate and encourage creativity. Includes handout about the artistic stages of development that children will pass through as they mature.

Ages 4 - 6

$15 for parent/child group of 3 families -- per 45 minute session. Add a sibling for $5 more.

Scheduled as we create a group

Group starts when enough students enroll. 

Reservations Required so call to get on the interest list now.


Lesson Schedule & Special Pricing 

Schedule lessons at your choice, one time, once a month, twice a month or once a week

During the holidays, lessons can be scheduled for consecutive days and for longer hours.

Call to arrange a time that fits your schedule.

Special Classes

TODDLER and PARENT, ages 2-4: Get your hands into fun materials with your own half hour art explorations for $20.

SEWING, ages 8 and up: Work on a project at each 75 minute session for $35. Additional $7 if I provide the materials.


Discount for sibling of similar age and interest sharing one art lesson, and for couples sharing one art lesson




Please call weekdays between 10 am and 5:30 pm

Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm


Located in northeast Modesto, horseback riding and/or art lessons are available at your convenience, mornings, afternoon, or Saturdays.  Call Cheryl at 551-2308 to schedule.

 Art Media

Tempera Paint, 










and other creative ideas

Project theme ideas:


People in Motion

Faces with Expression

Winter Scenes


Desert Scenes




Printing without a press

Optical Illusions


Papier Mache

3-D Constructions

Air Dry Clay

Polymer Clay

Jewelry Beading

Chalk Pastels

Oil Pastels


Salt Dough



Recycled Art


Unusual Perscpectives


Painting an Abstract

Op Art







Poster Design

Design Principles


Underwater Scenes





Native Arts

Art History

Mixed Media


Handmade Paper




Painted Bottle Vases

Metal Embossing


Tempera Paints

Kinder Crafts

Pre-School Experiences


Oil Painting

Sand Art


Block Printing

Drawing in 3-D


Tissue Paper

Paper in 3-D


Stained-glass cookies

Food Art


Learn to create pictures (compositions) with WOW! factor through the use of emphasis, contrast, variety, color balance, rhythm and more.

Professionals can learn to create effective business fliers, use color well in office space and advertising materials, and so forth.

Other local resources for children's art:

Mistlin Art Gallery

Chartreuse Muse

Stuff and Things Art Studio - Riverbank

Happy Artists, Children's Creative Studio - Escalon