Fun Horse Lessons

 For the beginner and timid, whether child or adult

 We do not rent out our horses for trail rides.

By appointment only. 

NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus and safe distancing, only older students that can groom and saddle the horse themselves are able to do lessons at this time. Cloth or leather riding gloves are required and masks are recommended just during grooming and saddling. You can bring your own bike helmet.


Easy going lessons for anyone with an interest in horses, despite fears--this is the place for you.  

It is best to come in pants with socks and a heeled shoe if possible.

Introductory Horse Experience

This one-time 30 minute experience is your chance to meet a horse up close, pet, brush, and ride if you choose. This is a hand-led experience. This option is suitable for therapeutic experiences. Adults and children ages 5 and up.  $30

Private Introductory Riding Lesson

This is a more thorough 60 minute introduction to a horse with more safety instruction, plus grooming experience, then riding the horse on a lead line until you are ready to try guiding it on your own. Adults and children ages 5 and up.  $45

Ongoing Horseback Riding Lessons

* Level 1 Private Horseback Riding Lessons 

Includes introduction to natural horsemanship, good grooming, saddling, and safe riding skills at the walk and trot in the Western saddle.   Lessons last 60 minutes after bringing in the horse from pasture, and includes the grooming. Adults and children ages 8 and up (younger children by approval only after a private introductory lesson).  $45

* Level 2 Private Horseback Riding Lessons

Continuation of safe riding skills at the trot with posting, and cantering when the student is ready. Western and English saddles available. Experienced students may catch and groom the horse before lesson time begins.  Adults and children ages 10 and up.  $45

SIBLING/FAMILY SHARED TIME Lessons = for two students (families and friends) wanting an option to help make riding lessons more affordable by both helping with the grooming and splitting a longer lesson time of 80 minutes. $60

SEMI-PRIVATE Lessons = for two advanced beginner or higher level students, each on their own horse with 60 minute lesson time including grooming and saddling.  $35 per student

Gift Certificates Available

Connecting Waters students,  please email me to get on the schedule for the current semester. 


New students please bring cash and pay at the beginning of the first lesson. I cannot accept credit cards.



PRIVATE-- $160 for a 4 lesson package  ($20 discount)


SHARED TIME -- $200/4 lesson package = $50 for each 80 minute lesson with one horse shared by two riders ($40 discount)


For intermediate riders only

SEMI-PRIVATE -- $240 4 lesson package includes two intermediate students, each on a horse = $55/lesson

Group lessons with discount for three can be scheduled as multiple intermediate riders are available. 


Western and English riding available.

Our riding facilities include a small enclosed lesson space for beginner security...

and a large arena for more advanced riding. 


Please call weekdays between 9 am and 4:30 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. Visits by appointment only. We are not a drop-in facility.



Horse Camps

Horse Birthday Parties 


ART Lessons You Can Schedule

Meet Our Horses

Gypsy, the red (chestnut), our smaller mare

 Rainey the bay, a 15 hand tall Thoroughbred