Fun Horse Lessons

 For the beginner and timid, whether child or adult


Easy going lessons for anyone with an interest in horses, despite fears--this is the place for you.  

Introduction to Horses

Your chance to meet a horse up close, pet, groom, and ride if you choose. This is a hand-led experience. Adults and children ages 5 and up.

Level 1 Horseback Riding Lessons 

Includes introduction to natural horsemanship, good grooming, saddling, and safe riding skills at the walk and trot in the Western saddle.   Lessons last one hour and include the grooming. Adults and children ages 7 and up. 

Level 2 Horseback Riding Lessons

Continuation of safe riding skills at the trot with posting, and cantering when the student is ready. Western and English saddles available.  Lessons last one hour and include the grooming.


PRIVATE--  $40 for one 60 minute lesson

Introduction to Horses--     $25 for 30 minutes


Package of 4 lessons 

(and Continuing Students)

PRIVATE--  $30/hour = $120

SHARED--  $40/lesson = $160

Two siblings sharing one horse for 80 minute lesson  

Two advanced beginners, each on a horse     $45/hour = $180


Western and English riding available.

Our riding facilities include a small enclosed lesson space for beginner security...

and a large arena for more advanced riding. 


Please call weekdays between 9 am and 4:30 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm



Horse Camps


ART Lessons You Can Schedule

Meet Our Horses

Gypsy, the red (chestnut), our smaller mare

 Rainey the bay, a 15 hand tall Thoroughbred