FUN CREATIVITY During the School Year

The academic side of art can be fascinating AND fun! Classes include culture, history, science, communication, creativity and explorations in the areas of art, sight and vision. 
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Girl Scouts Badges and Fun
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Art projects, artful stories, and games geared to the young child--ages 3 - 5.

Start your child off to a joy of creativity, experimentation, and life-long learning.  Classes will be scheduled as there is interest.  $12 per person for a 75 minute session (MINIMUM OF 3 STUDENTS).  Groups of 6 and more discounted to $8 per child.

AFTER SCHOOL   If your child has an interest in art, they won't get much instruction at school these days.  

This is an opportunity for your child to progress in areas of interest that they choose, and explore other areas they didn't even know about!  
Everyone can enjoy some area of art--I can help you find your hidden talents--it doesn't matter if you think you are not good! I know lots of secrets that I can share and you will be able to impress your friends.

    Private - $25 per hour or 4 lessons for $80
    Group of 3 - $10 per hour per child
    Group of 6 - $8 per hour per child    
(Compare the cost of an hour art lesson to 1/2 hour Suzuki piano lessons at $85 per month--which students pay for years.)

Check out the types of lessons you can choose: 


Girl Scouts
I will prepare art projects for fun or to help girls earn badges.  New projects that I have not done, and will need to research and prepare materials, will have an extra $20 fee. You are welcome to be there free during your normal meeting announcements, and so forth.

At my site, the price is $60 for 1-1/2 hours. However, for groups over 6, I will need the leaders to assist to keep that same price. I can hire assistants for large groups for an additional fee.

Cost for me to bring my materials and travel to your site for 1-1/2 hours is $80. You may also schedule to have your troop meet for projects at the Mistlin Gallery for this same price. You are welcome to be there free during your normal meeting announcements, and so forth.

Horse badges are separately arranged at my site.

I am excited about the new core curriculum and it's emphasis on real world application. My goal in academic art has always been to teach for understanding of the visual world in ways that are useful to any person, regardless of whether they have an interest in art.  For example, students will learn about how color can be used in home decoration or business to create certain moods, how art can be used for communication in life and in business, and so forth.  But I assure you, academics are just as fun as a focus on creativity.  

The new core for art in Stanislaus County includes these four "Cs," Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration. I am happy to focus on critical thinking and creativity. It has never been my choice to have students learn about an artist just to create a work in the style of that artist. I like children to learn about artists and then discover how that can influence their own personal style and inspire them to try new things. 

Lessons can be coordinated with classroom standards and/or parent/children desires. See some art media and principle ideas at I will be posting soon some of the science based lessons I have been doing.
I am happy to organize classes for groups by age or ability. There are some more advanced students at younger ages and vice versa so age alone is not always the best criteria.   Class length depends on age and attention span. Younger children may only want 45 minutes to an hour while older children may stay engaged for 1-1/2 hours.  But, again, your child may love art and stay engaged longer than others their age.

PRICES:  I will spend a lot of preparation time for these special lessons so I charge more than for the classes that do not require the academic coordination.  

Group of 4-5       $10 each per session
Group of 6-8        $8 each per session
Group of 9-12      $6 each per session

Children age 6 and under will have 45 minute sessions.
Children ages 7-9 will have one hour sessions.
Children ages 10-18 may choose up to 1-1/2 hours (there is a charge for the additional time).


Please call weekdays between 9 am and 4:30 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm