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Summer Day Camps

Birthday Parties


Bed and Breakfast--Guest Ranch

Update: Our remodel is finished and we are celebrating! The outside still needs some landscaping, but we are back to business as normal. 

Creative Afternoon

Kids Art 

Do you need a place to encourage you, where you are allowed to get messy, or just to find time for your own artistic explorations? Then come join us in our art studio and see what you can create with our large selection of materials. Choose from chalk and oil pastels, drawing and colored pencils, markers, poster paints, paper collage, recycled materials, and natural materials. 

Each session begins with an inspirational look at books and artworks for 20 minutes. Then you have 60 minutes to create an artwork of your choice or following the instructor. Finish with 10 minutes to clean up and put away your materials.

Grades 2-12

$15 per session  Thursdays 4-5:30 pm

Groups starting the middle of August.

Reservations Required so get on the interest list now.



Parent/Young Child

Art Exploration 

This is an opportunity for young ones to explore art materials with the help of a teenage sibling, parent or grandparent.  

Parents learn how to use motivational books and materials and encourage creativity. The stages of development that children will pass through as they mature will be discussed throughout 4 sessions.

Grades TK-1

$15 per session or $40 for a package of 4 lessons  

Time and days to be determined by group.

Reservations Required 

We offer private or group lessons, by appointment, for children and ADULTS in ART and HORSEBACK RIDING to fit your schedule. 


 Also Available:  

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Girl Scout Art Badges, Art Lessons in Classrooms, Grand/Parent and Child Art, click here for more information: Year Around Art Lessons

   The Place for Fun and Relaxation

   Art Room * Sports Lawn * Barn * Fenced Riding Arenas * Swimming Pool * Playground 

Chicken Coop * Kennel Available * 

New games: Box Hockey, Miniature Golf and more!

Click Here to see projects created by our campers                  

Parent Comment: "I did want to share with you that whenever I mention a day camp to my kids they keep asking if they can go to yours.  They loved all the projects they did and getting to ride your horses. 
Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for children.
Bethann W. (mother to Andrew and Katie)"  

I enjoy working with the Girl Scouts.  Call for special prices for non-profit organizations.i

We are now offering lodging as a guest ranch!

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More Information

Our ranchette is located near Sylvan and Roselle Avenues in Modesto.

   All activities are by appointment except scheduled day camps.   


Please call weekdays between 9 am and 4:30 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm     

Allergy Alert: Cats, dogs and other animals on premises. 

Day guests may not bring their own dogs on our grounds.

Facility Director

Owner/director, Cheryl Brown, has a Bachelor's Degree in art history and a Master's Degree in Art Education. She also majored in animal science for a year at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona where she took every horse class that was available, including English riding, horse husbandry, horse shoeing, and horse training. She also rode in the horse drill team, Hacienda Hi-Riders, which won ribbons for parades and was invited to the State Fair. She also served as a Jr. Counselor in the 4-H horse program.

Cheryl has over 15 years of teaching experience, plus several years camp experience through YMCA, Girl Scouts, and Christian church girls' camp.  See "Director's Background" (link is to the right on this page) for more information.

Cheryl Brown has also joined the Central California Art Association/Mistlin Gallery.  To see a calendar of classes offered for children and adults at the Mistlin Gallery, check out the CCAA website.