Printing, Typography, Papermaking

From the manuscript collection

-John DePol papers (MSS297)
Woodblocks (boxes 15 and 24)
Copper and zinc etched plates plus proofs (Box 7)

-Geoffrey Wakeman Plough Press collection (MSS554)
Binder's rollers and stamps (Box 11)

-John Anderson papers (MSS312)
John DePol woodblocks (box 5)

-Angelica and Amity Presses (MSS447)
Copper plates and woodblocks (box 2)

From the print collection


ArtFarm : a papermaking research journal of Women's Studio Workshop 2000-2003.
Rosendale, NY : Women's Studio Workshop, 2003.
Special Collections  FOLIO TS1109 .A76x 2003

Baker, Cathleen
Design and pattern in decorated papers : wet and dry techniques / compiled by Cathleen A. Baker ... [et. al]
Washington, D.C. : Hand Papermaking, Inc., 1994.
Special Collections  folio TS1109 .B35x 1994

Bidwell, John, 1949-
Fine papers at the Oxford University Press / by John Bidwell.
Risbury, Herefordshire : Whittington Press, 1999.
Special Collections  folio+ TS 1124.5 .B54x 1999

Chalmers, Thomas Wightman
Paper making and its machinery : including chapters on the tub sizing of paper, the coating and finishing of art paper and the coating of photographic paper / by T.W. Chalmers.
London : Constable, 1920.
Special Collections  folio TS 1105 .C4x 1920

Crump, Kathy.
Rambling through my garden of fiber and dye plants / Kathy Crump.
Stockton, Calif. : Five Mile Creek Studio, 1996.
Special Collections  TS1124.5 .C78x 1996

Fraser, James Howard, 1934-
The paste papers of the Golden Hind Press / by James H. Fraser.
[Madison, N.J.] : Fairleigh Dickinson University Library, Florham-Madison Campus : Tideline Press, 1983.
Special Collections  folio Z232.G635 F7 1983

Grant Dahlstrom's patterned papers for the Castle Press.
Los Angeles : Dawson's Book Shop, 1988.
Special Collections  TS1220.C37 G72x 1988

Heller, Jules.
Papermaking : the white art / Jules Heller.
Scottsdale, AZ : Scorpio Press, 1980.
Special Collections  FOLIO TS1105 .H54 1980

Hiebert, Helen, 1965-
Watermarks in handmade paper : modern and historic / Helen Hiebert.
Washington, D.C. : Hand Papermaking, c2001 (Tuscaloosa, AL : Wordway Press)
Special Collections  FOLIO TS1124.5 .H533x 2001

Indian hand made papers.
Loughborough, Leicestershire : Plough Press, 1977.
Special Collections  TS 1220 .I52x 1977

Livre de prières : tissé d’après les enluminures des manuscrits du XIV au XVI siècle.
Lyon : A. Roux, 1886.
Text woven in silk on a Jacquard loom.
Special Colelctions BV246 .L58 1886

[Medical, alchemical, and craft materials recipes, 15th and 16th centuries]
1 v. ([61] leaves) ; 14 cm.
    Bound manuscript on parchment.
Special Collections MSS 095 Item 15

McBey, James, 1883-1959.
The James McBey collection of watermarked paper : fifty-seven original examples of paper made in Europe from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries ; together with a catalogue by Colin Cohen and an introduction by Nicolas Barker.
Cambridge, Mass. : The Houghton Library, 1981.
Special Collections  folio+ Z 237 .M33x 1981

Milton, John.
Comus : A Mask.
[London] : E. Arnold ; New York : S. Buckley, 1901 (London? : Essex House Press).
Printed on vellum.
Special Collections PR3557 .M5x 1901

Parfit, Cliff.
Itajime paper / by Cliff Parfit.
Shimonoseki, Japan : The English Centre, 1982.
Special Collections  NK8553.2 .J3 P37x 1982

Siegenthaler, Fred.
Strange papers.
Muttenz : The Author, 1987
Special Collections TS1124 .S53x 1987

Printing and paper
Canfield Paper Company.
Demonstrations of type and illustrations by letterpress, lithography and sheet-fed gravure on fine text papers.
New York, N.Y. : Canfield Paper Company, [195-?].
Special Collections  TS1220 .C34x 1950z

Deadman, Derek.
A paper snowstorm : Toni Savage and the Leicester broadsheets / Derek Deadman and Rigby Graham ; with additional material from Duine Campbell, Gordon Huntley, John Tomlinson ; and broadsheet contributions by Alan Brignull, Hans van Eijk, Cynthia Savage.
Oldham : Incline Press, 2005.
Special Collections  FOLIO Z232.L46 D43 2005

Denker, Eric
Innovative printmaking on handmade paper / [Eric Denker ; essay edited by Michael Durgin ; artist statements edited by Dorothy Field].
Washington, D.C. : Hand Papermaking, 2003 (Tuscaloosa, AL : Wordway Press)
Special Collections  TS1124.5 .D46x 2003

Dudin, René Martin.
L’art du relieur doreur de livres.
[Paris] : De l’imprimerie de L.F. Delatour, 1772.
    Bound with: du cartier / par M. Duhamel de Monceau. [Paris : s.n.], 1762 -- Art de faire le papier     / par M. de la Lande. [Paris : Desaint & Saillant, 1761?] -- Art du cartonnier / par M. de la Lande.                 [Paris :  Académie royale des sciences], 1762 -- Art du faire le parchemin / par M. de la Lande.                 [Paris] : Guerin & Delatour, 1762 -- L’art de faire différentes sortes de colles / par M. Duhamel du             Monceau. [Paris? :  Académie Royale des Sciences?], 1771

Special Collections Z271 .D84x 1772

Printing on text and cover papers : texture and color.
New York : Cover & Text Paper Manufacturers, American Paper Institute, c1990.
Special Collections  FOLIO Z247 .C686x 1990

A noble fragment, being a leaf of the Gutenberg Bible, 1450-1455.
New York : Gabriel Wells, 1921 ; [Mainz : Johann Gutenberg, ca. 1454-1455]).
A leaf from a disbound Gutenberg Bible; library’s copy has Luke 7:41-8:42.
Special Collections Z241 B58 1454-55.

An original leaf from the Polychronicon printed by William Caxton at Westminster in the year 1482.
San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1938 ; [Westminster: Printed by William Caxton, after 2 July 1482]

    Leaf CCLVI [i.e., 256] from: Higden, Ranulf. Prolicionycion [sic].
Special Collections Z232 .C38 K87x 1938

Beaumont, Francis and John Fletcher.
Comedies and Tragedies. Written by Francis Beavmont and Iohn Fletcher, Gentlemen. Never printed before, And now published by the Authours Orginall Copies.
London: Printed for Humphrey Robinson, at the three Pidgeons, and for Humphrey Moseley at the Princes Armes in St. Pauls church-Yard, 1647.
Special Collections PR2420 1647

Frederick H. Levey Company.
Printing ink specimens / Fred'k H. Levey Company.
New York : The Company, [19--].
Special Collections  Z247 .F745x 1900z

Gaurico, Luca.
Tetragonismus id est circuli quadratura per Cãpanũ, Archimedẽ Syracusanũ atq boetium mathematicae perspicacissimos adinuenta.
[Venetiis, Ioan. Bapti. Sessa, 1503]
Special Collections QA31 .G38

Gesta Romanorum.
[Gesta Rhomanorum : cu[m] applicationib[us] moralisatis ac misticis].
[Strasbourg : George Husner], M.cccclxxxix, in die sancti Sixti ... [6 Aug. 1489]
Special Collections PA8320 1489

J. F. Duwaer & Zonen.
Letter proef : zestig proefpagina's boekletter in negen letterypen.
Amsterdam : J.F. Duwaer & Zonen, [19--?]
Special Collections  Z250 .J44x 1900z

Joannes, de Sancto-Geminiano.
Summa de exemplis ac similitudinibus rerum.
Impressum aũt Venctijs : Per Joānē & Gregorium de Gregorijs fratres, 1497, die 10 Aprilis.
Special Collections AE2 J635 1497

Marchesinus, Johannes.
[Mammotrectus super Bibliam].
Venetiis : Per inclytum uirum Nicolaum Jenson gallicum., nones kalendis octubris [23 Sept.] 1479.
Special Collections BS485 .M36 1479

Marx, Enid, 1902-
Marco's animal alphabet : linocuts / by Enid Marx ; colour scheme by Peter Allen ; introduction by Graham Moss.
Oldham : Incline Press, 2000.
Special Collections  FOLIO NE 1336 .M38 M36x 2000

Morris, Henry, 1925-
The art of intaglio produced on a letterpress, with a collection of twelve prints of 18th century London tradesmen's cards ; Schlocker & the fishes / by Henry Morris.
Newtown, Pa. : Bird & Bull Press, 2010.
Special Collections  NE1625 .M67x 2010

Poliziano, Angelo.
Omnia opera Angeli Politiani, et alia quaedam lectu digna, quorum nomina in sequenti indice uidere licet.
Venetiis : In aedibus Aldi Romani, mense Iulio 1498.
Special Collections PA8560 1498

Specimens of wood type held at the Alembic Press.
Oxford, England : Alembic Press, 1993.
Special Collections  folio+ Z250.5 .W65 S64x 1993

Venice : Nicolaus Girardengus, de Novis, Dec. 15, 1479.
Special Collections PA6774 A2 D53.

Wakeman, Geoffrey.
Printing relief illustrations : Kirkall to the line block / Geoffrey Wakeman.
Loughborough, Leicestershire : Plough Press, 1977.
Special Collections  Z252.5.R4 W34 1977

American Type Founders Company.
ATF alphabets / American Type Founders, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Elizabeth, N.J. : American Type Founders Co., [1962].
Special Collections  Z250 .A53x 1962

Alphabetum cophtum sive aegyptiacum.
[Rome, Italy? : Typis S. Congreg. de Propaganda Fide?, 180-?].
Bound with: Alphabetum arabicum (1797); Alphabetum syro-chaldaeum (1797); Alphabetum aethiopicum (1789); Alphabetum armenum (1784); Alphabetum persicum ([1783]); Alphabetum hebraicum (1771); Alphabetum graecum (1771)
Special Collections P213 A4 1784

Blumenthal, Walter Hart, 1883-1969.
Eccentric typography and other diversions in the graphic arts / by Walter Hart Blumenthal.
Worcester, Mass. : A.J. St. Onge, 1963.
Special Collections  Z116 .A3 B5 1963

Feliciano, Felice, 15th cent.
Alphabetum romanum : Codice Vat. lat. 6852, anno 1460 / Felice Feliciano.
Milano : Jaca Book Codici, 1985-1987.
Special Collections  Z40 .F43 1985a

Forty sheets to the wind : a new portfolio of old typefaces.
Oldham, England : Incline Press, 1999.
Special Collections  FOLIO Z 232 .I535 F67x 1999

Horowitz, Sarah, 1977-
Alpha botanica.
[Portland, Oregon : Wiesedruck, 2007] (Hadley, Mass. : Horton Tank Graphics)
Special Collections  N7433.4.H676 A47x 2007

Incline Press.
A collation of specimens displaying the types & typography of broadsheets and some other ephemeral printing all now hung out to dry / printed and written by Graham Moss & Kathy Whalen.
Oldham : Incline Press, 2007.
Special Collections  FOLIO Z232.I535 I63 2007

Journal des peintres.
[Paris : Firmin Didot, 18--?]
Special Collections  Z250 .J68x 1800z

Levy Brothers & Co.
Specimens of printing types / manufactured by Stephenson Blake and Co., London and Sheffield ; kept in stock by Levy Brothers, 24 Bourke Street East, Melbourne.
Melbourne : [The Company, ca. 1870?].
Special Collections  Z250 .L4895 1870

M.B. Brown Printing and Binding Co.
Book of types / M.B. Brown Printing and Binding Co.
New York : The Company, [1900?]
Special Collections  Z250 .M134x 1900

Pentagram Press.
The Pentagram Press commonplace book : a selection of typographic interpretations.
Minneapolis : The Company, 1988.
Special Collections  Z250 .P46x 1988

Specimen book of wood type : from the collection of the Silver Buckle Press / introduction by Rob Roy Kelly ; foreword by Stephen O. Saxe.
Madison, Wis. : Silver Buckle Press, c1999.
Special Collections  Z 250 .S58x 1999

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