Gehenna Press

Thirteen poems / by Wilfred Owen ; with drawings by Ben Shahn

Special Collections | folio PR6029 .W4 T48x 1956

The seven deadly sins: poems / by Anthony Hecht; wood engravings by Leonard Baskin.
Special Collections | folio PS3515 .E178 S4x 1958

The selfish giant / Oscar Wilde ; with woodblocks by Helen Siegl.

 Special Collections | PR5820 .S4 1967

Othello / William Shakespeare ; illustrated by Leonard Baskin

Special Collections | folio+ Z232 .G2956 O85x 1973

The old mistresses’ apologue : known as Advice to a young man on the choice of a mistress / written on the 25th of June 1745 by Benjamin Franklin ; with wood engravings by Claire Van Vliet.

 Special Collections | HQ25 .F67 1975

The Guest : author unknown : 17th century Christ Church manuscript / with woodcuts by Helen Siegl.

Special Collections | PR3291 .A1 G83 1976

The missed beat / Thom Gunn ; with a wood engraving by Simon Brett.

Special Collections | PR6013.U65 M57x 1976b

The Presumptions of Death / by Anthony Hecht ; woodcuts by Leonard Baskin.

Special Collections | folio+ Z232 .G2956 H43x 1995

Oresteia / Aeschylus ; a version by Ted Hughes ; woodcuts by Leonard Baskin.

With portions of Hughes' manuscript, and one of Baskin's carved woodblocks.

Special Collections | FOLIO PA3827.A7 H84 2002

Skulls / poems by Jonathan Maslow ; etchings & woodcuts by Leonard Baskin.

Special Collections | FOLIO+ PS3563 .A7857 S68x 2003

Granary Press

Nods: àqui to John Cage / [John Cage, writer/composer] ; Barbara Fahrner [painter & designer] ; Philip Gallo [printer & typographer].

Special Collections | folio PS3553 .A32 N68x 1990

Homage to Allen G. / by George Schneeman & Anne Waldman.

"This portfolio is based on a series of traced sketches of Allen Ginsberg’s photographs. George Schneeman made the sketches with a mind to using them in a collaborative project he and Allen had planned. The plan was not realized, & after Allen’s death, George & Anne Waldman converted the project into this homage"--Colophon.

Special Collections | folio+ NC139 .S36 H65x 1997

In the Nam what can happen? : a story / Ted Berrigan and Geo. Schneeman.

See colophon for information on collaboration.

Special Collections | PS3552 .E74 I52x 1997

Golem.  Jack Spicer ; collages by Fran Herndon ; with an afterword by Kevin Killian.

See afterword for story of collaboration.

Special Collections | PS3569 .P47 G65x 1999

Drawn & Quartered. [text by] Robert Creeley & [drawings by] Archie Rand.

See back cover for story Creeley's take on the collaboration.

Special Collections | PS3505.R43 D7 2001

5 poems, 5 paintings.  Rodney Phillips and John Jurayj

Special Collections | PS3566.H5135 F584 2002

Erosion's Pull. Maureen Owen ; Yvonne Jacquette.

Special Collections | FOLIO+ PS3565.W558 E76x 2004

Movies as a form of reincarnation.  John Yau, Archie Rand.

Special Collections | PS3575.A9 M68x 2004

The Burning Babe & Other Poems.

Poems by Jerome Rothenberg ; with pictures by Susan Bee.

Special Collections | FOLIO PS3568.O86 B87 2005

Some of these daze / drawings by Mimi Gross ; writings by Charles Bernstein.

See colophon for story of collaboration.

Special Collections | N7433.4 .G76 S66x 2005

Paradigm of the tinctures : poems / by Steven McCaffery ; images by Alan Halsey.

Special Collections | PR9199.3.M29 P37 2007

Faster than birds can fly / John Ashbery, Trevor Winkfield.

Special Collections | FOLIO PS3501.S475 F37x 2009

Nine Nights Meditation. Poems by Anne Waldman; gouaches by Donna Dennis.

See afterword for story of collaboration.

Special Collections | FOLIO PS3573.A4215 N56 2009

The animal is in the world like water in water / text by Leslie Scalapino ; drawings by Kiki Smith

"... Scalapino’s text was written in response to a series of drawings by Kiki Smith entitled ’Woman being eaten by animals.’"--Colophon.

Special Collections | FOLIO PS3569.C25 A8x 2010

Janus Press

[Compound frame : seven poems / by Emily Dickinson ; with relief prints by Susan Johanknecht].

Special Collections | PS1541 .C66x 1998

Vincent FitzGerald

The frog prince : a play / by David Mamet ; illustrated by Edward Koren.

New York : V. FitzGerald, 1984 ([Hadley, Mass.] : Wild Carrot Letterpress)

Special Collections | PS3563.A4345 F7 1984

Utah reader / Mark Beard.

New York : V. FitzGerald, 1986.

Special Collections | folio+ N7433.4 .B43 A4 1986

The epiphanies / James Joyce ; [interpreted by Susan Weil & Marjorie Van Dyke].

New York : Vincent Fitzgerald, 1987.

Special Collections | FOLIO PR6019.O9 E6 1987

The reed / Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi ; translated by Zahra Partovi ; etchings by Susan Weil.

New York : Vincent FitzGerald, 1989.

Special Collections | PK6480 .E5 P373 1989

Fragments of light. IV / Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi ; translated by Zahra Partovi ; with lithographs by Fran Siegel.

Lasercut text appears on alternating leaves of Dieu Donné Papermill translucent paper (Persian language calligraphy) and silver Mylar (English language translation), designed to permit simultaneous reading in both languages.

Special Collections | FOLIO+ N7433.4.P37 F74x 2009

Other Presses

Gus the blindman / by Jack Micheline.

[San Francisco, Calif.? : The author, 1994?].

Mockup for an edition of the prose-poem, "Gus the blindman". This publication seems not to have happened, although the prose-poem was published in Bad, mad and dying (San Francisco : Synaesthesia Press, 1997).

Special Collections | PS3563 .I334 G87x 1994

Leaves of grass / Walt Whitman

Brooklyn, N.Y. : [s.n.], 1855.

Special Collections | folio PS 3201 1855

Only revolutions / Mark Z. Danielewski.

New York : Pantheon Books, c2006

Morris Library | PS3554.A5596 O55 2006

The seared conscience : nine poems / Wilfred Owen ; with prints by Nicholas Parry.

Market Drayton : Tern Press, 1993.

Special Collections | PR6029 .W4 S43x 1993

Smoke in my dreams / a book by Mark Wagner.

Delafield, WI : Bird Brain Press, c1998. 

"This book was designed, printed, collaged, bound, and in many other ways created and constructed by its author, Mark Wagner"

Special Collections | N 7433.4 W234 S66x 1998

Ulysses / by James Joyce.

Paris, : Shakespeare and company, 1922.

Special Collections | PR6019.O9 U4 1922

Ulysses, / by James Joyce; with an introduction by Stuart Gilbert and illustrations by Henri Matisse.

New York, : The Limited Editions Club, 1935.

Special Collections | Folio PR6019.O9 U4 1935

Barry Moser

The king / Donald Barthelme ; wood engravings by Barry Moser.

Special Collections | PS3552.A76 K56x 1990

 Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus / by Mary Shelley ; the 1818 text in three volumes ; illustrated by Barry Moser and with essays by Ruth Mortimer, Emily Sunstein, Joyce Carol Oates, and William St. Clair.

 Special Collections | folio PR5397 .F7 1984c

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