Bindings and Structures

Selected Examples


Early Book Structures


 [Babylonian cone]. [Iraq? : s.n., between ca. 1934 and 1924 B.C.], 1 cone : clay.

Clay cone with incised cuneiform writing in an unidentified language, possibly during the reign of Libit-Ishtar.  According to a letter from the dealer, Edgar J. Banks, this cone was found in the early to mid-1930s in one of the ruined mounds of Ur of the Chaldees (Mugheir) on the lower Euphrates, where it apparently functioned as a sort of corner stone; the ruins bore the inscription of Libit-Ishtar.

Location: Special Collections | MSS 095 | Item 3


Bible. N.T. Gospels. English. Selections. The parables of our Lord. (New York, D. Appleton, 1848).

Sculpted papier-mâché boards affixed to covers. This book is constructed in a style similar to that of many medieval treasury bindings, in which sculpted and/or jeweled covers would be nailed or otherwise affixed to the binding.

Location: Special Collections | 18 cm | BT373 .E5 1848


[Flap Binding] [Ottoman Prayer Book]. [Turkey? : s.n., late 18th century].

Contemporary gilt-stamped brown morocco flap binding with medallions and corner-pieces inset. The flap would have served as a protective covering for the fore-edge.

Location: Special Collections | MSS 095 | Item 9


[Palm Leaf Books]. [s.n. : s.l., n.d.]

Two palm leaf books, consisting of individual palm leafs stacked atop each other and sewn through the center; two wooden boards serve as protective covers. One of the books appears to be inscribed in Taglog, and may originate from the Philippines. The other appears to be inscribed in Tamil, and may originate from India, Sri Lanka or Malaysia.

Location: Special Collections | Uncataloged MSS

[Scroll]. A Genealogical table shewing the descent of the right and honourable Simon Luttrell  a Norman chief under William the Conqueror anno 1066 collected from records and manuscripts in public and private libraries, deeds &c. &c., by Joseph Edmundson Mowbray herald extraordinary. [England] : Joseph Edmundson, [ca. late 18th century], 1 vellum scroll on wooden roller (5.18 m x 0.457 m)

A heraldic scroll, consisting of several sheets of vellum glued together and wrapped around a wood roller. Stored in a contemporary wooden box, with decorative paper designs pasted to the inside.

Inscribed at bottom of scroll: “The Achievement of their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland”

Location: Special Collections | Uncataloged MSS


Exposed Book Structures


Blinn, Carol J. Serious play : decorated paste papers. (Easthampton, Mass. : Warwick Press, 2006).

            Bound in pastepaper over boards with exposed Coptic stitch sewing.

Location: Special Collections | 26 cm | Z232 .W26 B582 2006

Bruto, Giovanni Michele. Ioannis Michaelis Brvti Florentianae historiae libri octo [priores] cum indice locupletissimo. (Lvgdvni, : Apud haeredes I. Iuntae, 1562).

            Damage to spine, exposing binding cords, textblock, signatures and vellum manuscript


Location: Special Collections | 26 cm | DG737.5 B78


Sassi, Francesco Girolamo. Religio in aula : laus augustiss. conjugum magni Leopoldi Austriaci, et Eleonorae Magdalenae Teresiae Neoburgensis. (Mediolani [Milan] : Ex Typographia Josephi Pandulphi Malatestae, superiorum permissu, MDCCXXIV [1724]).

            Folded unbound sheets, in their original condition preparatory to binding.

Location: Special Collections | Folio | PA8570 .S485 R45 1724


Tibullus. Tibullus cum commentariis Cyllaenii Veronensis. Catullus cum commentariis Parthenii Veronensis & Paladii Patauini; emendationes Catullianae per Hieronymum Auancium Veronensem & eiusdem in Priapeias castigationes. Propertius cum commentariis Phylippi Beroaldi; annotationes in Propertium, tum per Domitium Calderinuum, tum per Ioannem Cottam Veronensem. (Venice] : Impressum Venetiis per Ioannem de Tridino de Cereto alias Tacuinum, 1500).

Half-bound in contemporary pigskin, with exposed wooden boards; blind stamped; with metal clasps.

Location: Special Collections | Folio+ | PA6274 A2 1500


Contemporary Leather Bindings


[Bible, German, Luther]. Biblia, das ist : Die gantze Heilige Schrifft dess Alten und Neuen Testaments. / Wie solche von herrn doctor Martin Luther seel. im jar Christi 1522. in unsere teutsche mutter-sprach zu übersetzen angefanen, anno 1534. zu end gebracht, und ... mit den Summarien herrn Johann Sauberti seel. auch mit dem ... nutzen, über alle capitel, des herrn d. Salomon Glassens seel. ausgefertiget ... Uber dieses sind nicht allein des seel. hn. Lutheri ... lebens-lauf beygefüget, sondern auch zu end des ganzen werks, neben den christlichen haypt-symbolis ein ... bericht von der Augsburgischen confession ... beygedruckt worden. Samt einer vorrede herrn Johann Michael Dilherrns. (Nürnberg, : In verlegung der J. A. Endterischen handlung, MDCCLXX [1770]).

Bound in contemporary pig skin; blind stamped on covers; remnants of metal and leather clasps; sculpted metal pieces affixed to edges of covers.

Location: Special Collections | Folio | BS239 1770


[Catholic Church]. Petit office de la Ste. Vierge : élévations durant la ste. messe et autres priéres tirees de la ste. Écriture. (A Paris : Chez led. Senault ... ; et à Versailles : Chez N. DuVal ..., [ca. 1669-1680]).

Contemporary black morocco over boards; gold tooled on covers, spine and edges, with armorial stamp; satin endpapers.

Location: Special Collections | 18 cm | BX2025 .A5 F63x 1669


Goujet, Claude Pierre. Mémoire historique & littéraire sur le Collège Royal de France. (A Paris : Chez Augustin-Martin Lottin, l’aîné ..., 1758).

Bound in contemporary brown leather over boards; gilt tooled on spine; marbled endpapers.

Location: Special Collections | 26 cm | 2213 .G6


Luther, Martin. Lutheri Catechismus : o̊fwersatt på American-Virginiske språket. (Stockholm : Tryckt vthi thet af Kongl. Maytt. privileg. Burchardi tryckeri / af J.J. Genath / f., 1696).

Contemporary mottled calf; monogram and seal of Charles XI of Sweden gilt stamped on covers and spine (the gilt has mostly faded away). (This entire edition was published at royal expense; hence, the all copies were bound with the seal of its patron).

Location: Special Collections | 20 cm | PM1034 .L8 1696


Solinus, C. Julius. C. Iulii Solini Po // lyhistor, rervm toto orbe memo // rabilium thesaurus locupletissimus. // Huic ob argvmenti similitvdinem // Pomponii Melæ de situ orbis // libros tres, fide diligentiaque // summa recognitos, adiunximus. // Accesserunt his præter noua scholia, quæ loca autoris utriusq obscu // riora copiose passim illustrant, etiam tabulæ geographicæ per // multæ, regionum, locorum, marium, sinuumq diuer // sorum situs pulchrè deliniantes. // Cum indice rerum atque uerborum in utroq; // obseruandorum locupletissimo. (Basileae, [Apud M. Isingrinium et H. Petri], 1538).

Bound in contemporary pigskin over boards; blind stamped on covers; with functioning metal clasps.

Location: Special Collections | Folio | PQ4274 .G5 1532


Ulstadius, Philippus. Coelvm philosophorvm, sev, De secretis naturæ liber. (Argentorati : Arte & impensa Ioannis Grienynger, 1528).

            Bound in contemporary brown leather over boards; blind stamped on covers.

            Boards and textblock are partially exposed.

Location: Special Collections | Unidel 28 cm | RS87 .U6 1528


Vellum Bindings


Kircher, Athanasius. Athanasii Kircheri e Soc. Jesu China monumentis, qua sacris quà profanis, nec non variis naturae & artis spectaculis, aliarumque rerum memorabilium argumentis illustrate. (Amstelodami : Apud Jacobum à Meurs, in fossa vulgò de Keysersgracht, anno MDCLXVII [1667]).

            Vellum over boards, with gold painted ornamental designs.

Location: Special Collections | Folio | DS708 K58 1667


Marsili, Luigi Ferdinando. Osservazioni naturali intorno al mare, ed alla grana detta kermes.

(Venezia : Presso Andrea Poletti, 1711).

Vellum over boards, with  hand painted floral pattern pasted to covers.

Location: Special Collections | Unidel 28 cm | QH91 .M37x 1711


Ulstadius, Philippus. Coelvm philosophorvm, sev, De secretis natvrae liber. (Argentoragi : Arte & imprensa Iohannis Grienynger, 1526).

Vellum over boards; warping has caused the vellum to split in places, exposing the boards.

Location: Special Collections | Unidel 28 cm | RS87 .U6 1526


Temporary and Repaired Bindings


Chambers, Ephraim. Cyclopædia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences : containing an explanation of the terms, and an account of the several subjects, in the liberal and mechanical arts, and the sciences, human and divine. (London : Printed for J.F. and C. Rivington [and 28 others], 1786-1789).

Contemporary leather over boards, with a burlap sailcloth cover sewn over the binding. This cover would presumably have been executed by the book’s owner, either in order to protect the leather from further wear or to hold together an already weakened binding.

Location: Special Collections | Folio | AE5 .C443 1786


Grim, Herman Nicolai. Hermanni Nic. Grimm Compendium medico-chymicum, seu, Accurata medendi methodus : quæ excellentissimis medicamentis, tam Europæ, quam Indiæ Orientali proficuis, repleta, rariores observationes, & curiosam optimorum medicamentorum : in libelli hujus formulis contentorum, præparationem exhibet, auctior & emendatior. (Augustæ Vindelicorum : Impensis Theophili Göbelii, typis Johan. Jacob. Schönigii, 1684).

Bound in paper over boards; this would likely have been designed as a temporary binding.

Location: Special Collections | Unidel 18 | RS178 .G75x 1684

Rebound Books


Kaukol, Maria Joseph Clement. Christlicher Seelen-Schatz ausserlesener Gebetter. ([Bonn? : s.n., 1729?]).

Bound in red morocco decorated in gilt; ornate silver clasp and corner pieces covering nearly half the binding; all edges gilt; gauffering at inner top and bottom edges.

Location: Special Collections | 20 cm | BX2170 .C55 K38 1729


Philostratus, the Athenian. Philostratou eis ton Apollōniou tou Tyaneōs bion biblia oktō. Eusebiou Kaisareias tou Pamphilou, antirhrhētikos pros ta Hierokleous, Apollōnion ton Tyanea tō sōtēri Christō paraballontos = Philostrati de uita Apollonii Tyanei libri octo. Iidem libri latini interprete Alemano Rinuccino florentino. Eusebius contra Hieroclem que Tyaneum Christo conferre conatus fuerit. Idem latinus interprete Zenobio Acciolo florentino ordinis praedicatorum. (Venetiis : In aedibus Aldi, mense Martio 1501-mense Februario 1502 [i.e. 1504]).

            Volume 1 is rebound in brown morocco, with the Roycroft seal printed on the front free   endpaper. Volume 2 is rebound in black morocco and gilt stamped on covers and spine;           binding signed Riviere. Both volumes have Aldus’ 16th century printer’s seal gilt stamped   on their covers.

Location: Special Collections | Folio | PA4272 .A3 1501


Regnard, Jean François. Le distrait : comedie. (A Paris : Chez Pierre Ribou ..., 1698).

Rebound in red morocco over boards; gilt tooled on covers, spine and edges. Binding signed Riviere & Son. With a protective covering and slipcase, both of red morocco and marbled paper.

Location: Special Collections | 18 cm | PQ1913 .D6x 1698


Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Hellas : a lyrical drama. (London : Charles and James Ollier, 1822).

Rebound in brown and green morocco over boards; gilt tooled on covers, spine, edges and endpapers; binding signed Sangorski & Sutcliffe London.

Location: Special Collections | 22 cm | PR5410 .A1 1822


Walton, Izaak. The lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert. (London : Printed by Tho. Newcomb for Richard Marriott ..., 1670).

Rebound in red morocco over boards; gilt stamped on spine and edges; gilt tooled floral patterns in green and red morocco on endpapers. Binding signed Zaehnsdorf.

Location: Special Collections | 26 cm | DA377 .W2 1620


Sample Copies


These are preliminary samples of books which publishers prepared for salesmen to take to booksellers. These books often contain only preliminary texts and sometimes are bound so as to display multiple varieties of binding style which a customer could order. The entire collection can be found in DELCAT by searching for “Sample Copy Collection” as an author keyword.


Barber, John Warner. The Bible looking glass. (Philadelphia : Bradley, Garretson & Co. ; Galesburg, Ill. : William Garretson & Co., 1874).

Includes two sample bindings: one of green paneled cloth with one panel gilt-stamped; the other, of brown paneled morocco, with all panels gilt stamped. Samples of the spine bindings are affixed to the front endpaper. The book is bound so as to include only selections from the book.

Location: Special Collections | Sample Copy Collection | Z1033 .S35 1874b


Joyce, James. Ulysses. (New York: Random House, 1934).

Bound to the same dimensions as the finished version, only the first sixteen pages are printed with text; the remainder are blank.


Mother Goose alphabet : her rhymes and jingles. ([S.l. : s.n., ca. 1904?]).

With: Our babies’ Christmas jingles and animal A B C’s / by John Delius. Chicago : Monarch, c1904 -- Aunt Mary’s delightful Bible stories : for every day in the week. [S.l. : s.n.], c1904 -- The speakers library ... / compiled by Henry M. Sopor. [S.l. : s.n.], c1902 -- The official history of the fair, St. Louis, 1904 ... / by John Wesley Hanson. [St. Louis? : s.n.], c1904 -- The new idea self-instructor ... / editor-in-chief Ferdinand Ellsworth Cary. [S.l. : s.n.], c1904.

Covers and printed extracts from several children’s books, all bound into a cloth flap binding.

Location: Special Collections | Sample Copy Collection | Z1033 .S35 1904


Artist’s Books


Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Education Dept. The mystery of the magic box : an open and shut case : a project of the Education Department of the Anchorage Museum of History and Art / exhibit curators, David Edlefsen & Julie Decker. ([Anchorage, Alaska : Anchorage Museum of History and Art, 1995]).

Book inside decorated paper box (83 x 83 x 30 mm.); pages folded accordion style, with ends attached to top and bottom lids which act as covers. Catalog side of page has descriptive text, photographs of exhibit items, plus pop-ups and flaps. Other side is essay text by Rob Glowen.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.3.A63 M9 1995


Barton, Carol June. The lookout : an excerpt from Five luminous towers. ([Philadelphia] : Popular Kinetics Press, 2001).

"’The Lookout’ is an excerpt from the pop-up edition Five Luminous Towers, a book to be read in the dark."--Colophon.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.B38 L66 2001


Bytheriver, Marylee. Outside art. [Oakland, Calif.] : Lunation Press, 1998.

Housed in a felt-lined black plastic box with black hinges and Lucite clasp measuring 24 cm. x 30 cm. x 6 cm. With printed labels on both sides of the lid. When the modern, nine level, tunnel book is removed from the box, stood upright, and opened accordionwise, it resembles a shed with a corrugated roof. The sides of the package have the words "content" and "context" written in red and white "Wild Style" graffiti. Inside the tunnel book is a cave, with irregular rock walls on which petroglyphs are reproduced by lino-cut. These walls can be viewed through a square cut out of the cover made to look like a broken window, or by opening the front wall like a door. The back side of the package depicts a sheet metal wall, with the colophon in a label mounted on the back.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ N7433.4.B97 098x 1998


Chen, Julie. Bon bon mots : a fine assortment of books. (Berkeley, Calif. : Flying Fish Press, 1998).

The box, which is designed to resemble a candy box, contains 3 miniature books (2 of which are accordion folded), 1 folded octagonal object with text, and a small box with text containing 5 copper balls which are to be placed into 5 holes on box’s bottom surface. All are designed to resemble pieces of candy and are nested in a cloth which fits over partitioned bottom of box. A leaf with box’s contents is mounted on the inside lid.

LOCATION: Special Collections  folio+ N 7433.4 .C44 B66x 1998


Chen, Julie. Evidence of compression. (Berkeley: Flying Fish Press, 2001).

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ N7433.4 .C44E85x 2001


Chen, Julie. Leavings. ([Berkeley, Calif. : Flying Fish Press, 1997]).

Mounted title and mounted text with mounted pockets on facing pages. Each of the 6 pockets contain a tag with attached string. The tags have a mounted bag filled with material relating to the mounted label at the top of each tag.

Issued in a cloth covered box measuring 18 cm. with a printed label and mounted decoration and tie front closure.

LOCATION: Special Collections  Folio+ N7433.4 .C44 L43x 1997


Chen, Julie. Listening. (Berkeley : Flying Fish Press, 1992).

Each leaf consists of 2 layered paper boards attached to continuous heavy paper strip; accordian-style; 2 loops attached to front and back covers for use with accompanying ties; paper label on front cover. Mounted pocket on inside spine with 2 ribbon and button ties; mounted paper tuck wrapper contains, 1 mounted leaf (folded to form 7 leaves) of instructions for making headdresses with book.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4 .C44 A4x 1992


Chen, Julie. Ode to a grand staircase (for four hands). (Berkeley, Calif.: Flying Fish Press ; Portland, Ore. : Triangular Press, 2001).

Bound in a French-door structure with printed paper covers. The right and left hand pages can be turned at varying rates, so each spread can be viewed as a whole as well as in an array of half-page combinations. Each page has a uniquely-shaped window cut through the center so a pattern made up of layered portions of each sheet is visible when the cover is opened. Issued in clamshell box, with magnetic closure, with labels on spine and cover.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.C44 O34x 2001


Chen, Julie. World without end. (Berkeley : Flying Fish Press, 1999).

The triangular book fans open, circling back on itself, and is positioned within a crescent-shaped, wooden stand. It is fastened front to back to form a diamond-shaped globe. The text pops forward on printed strips, five to each two-page spread, to form uniform peaks against a backdrop of maps, each overprinted with textual waves. The book and stand are housed in a tray built into a clamshell box covered with rust and sage diamond figured cloth, lined with quilted, aqua satin. A photographic sequence, closed into the inner box top, shows the step-by-step assembly. Letterpress. Handmade paper covers with wood inlays.

LOCATION: Special Collections  folio+ N 7433.4 C44 W67x 1999


Crombie, John. Only connect! ([Paris]: Kickshaws, 1984).

The leaves are quired in 4 groups and sewn into a 4-flap wrapper in such a way that they can be combined for reading in various orders. Printed wrappers serve as title page and cover; issued in a slipcase.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N 7433.4 .C76 O55x 1984


Cummins, Maureen. Divide and conquer. ([Rosendale, N.Y. : Women's Studio Workshop, 2007]).

"Physical form of this project is based on The Exquisite Corpse-a literary game" -Colophon.

"Each set of prints is housed in a linen-covered clamshell box, with an inset title on the spine. The box is divided into three compartments, so that forty-two print elements can be held separately, then pieced together to form fourteen prints, which measure 10" x 14" each" -- Prospectus.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ N7433.4.C86 D58x 2007


Cutler-Shaw, Joyce. The anatomy lesson : unveiling the Fasciculus Medicinae. ([Middletown, Conn.?] : Robin Price, Publisher, 2004).

"The Anatomy lesson ... has ten main sections, corresponding to the ten woodcuts found in the 1495 Fasciculus Medicinæ. Each section has a title comprised of two parts: at top is the name generally used for the historical illustration, and the title below represents Joyce Cutler-Shaw’s response to that image and its accompanying text in the Fasciculus. Following are translation excerpts of the medieval Latin medical text, next to personal notes from Cutler-Shaw that describe her journey of research for this project, specific to that section of the book. On the facing pages are essays by invited scholars. Those pages open to reveal the four-page display within ..."--Editorial note.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ N7433.4.C88 A532x 2004


Dove, Toni. Mesmer: secrets of the human frame. (New York City : Granary Books, 1993).

Bound in perforated metal boards with screen mesh and iridescent plastic fly leaves; in slipcase covered with silver leaf. Contains one pop-up illustration.

LOCATION: Special Collections  Folio  N7433.4 .D68 M47x 1993


Golden, Alisa J. Chalk voices. ([Berkeley, Calif.] : Never Mind the Press, 2003).

Illustrated page mounted inside three part cover that pops up on two sides when opened. Small book 54 x 90 mm. set in middle. Hook and eye fastener on front cover.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.G65 C53x 2003


Kalmbach, Ann E. Pistol / pistil : botanical ballistics. ([Portland, Me. : University of Southern Maine?], 1997).

Bound in wooden covers with leather straps held together with bullet casings.

Includes a dried slice of mushroom pressed between 2 sheets of paper, and a dried squash slice in a pocket. This accordion fold book examines the use of ordinary words in both botanical and military context. These definitions are juxtaposed with stories and statistics relating to farming and violence.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.K358 A4x 1997


King, Susan Elizabeth. Women and cars. (Rosendale, N.Y. : Women's Studio Workshop ; Los Angeles, Calif. : Paradise Press, 1983).

Flag book construction; each page cut to form three sections to display an illustration when book is extended. Flag book structure that was developed by the artist and conservator Hedi Kyle. With its opposed pages this binding is ideal for Susan King's multi-layered writings.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N 7433.4 .K57 W66x 1983


Leslie, Ken. Big man on the dot. (Atlanta, Ga. : Nexus Press, 2002).

Accordion folded in a fan shape and in a fan-shaped container; unfolds to a circle with illustrations on both sides.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.L49 B5x 2002


Levertov, Denise. Batterers. ([West Burke] Vt. : Janus Press, 1996).

            Text and illustrations mounted on a wooden cradle, inserted in a wooden cover frame.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ PS 3562 .E8876 B38 1996


Lorenz, Angela. Maxims by the yard : some in meter. (Bologna, Italy : A. Lorenz, 2003).

Artist’s book comprising a series of maxims written by the artist, commercially woven in red into white cloth ribbon, mounted on a cardboard spool and issued in a paper box. A length of ribbon containing a single maxim has been threaded through the front of the box and affixed with knots at both ends. Title and series title from top of spool.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.L67 M3x 2003


Martin, Emily. Mutually exclusive. (New York, N.Y. : Naughty Dog Press, 2002).

“While provoked by the events of September 11, 2001, these five "magic wallets" address the cacophony of news reports, emotions and opinions (expert and otherwise) that follows in the wake of any major news event."--inside front cover.

“Operating instructions: Each wallet opens on either the left or right side, revealing one of two opposing statements." –inside front cover.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4 .M37 M8x 2002


MacDonald, Rita. Family (fam'e ē fam'lē) : a book. (Rosendale, N.Y. : Women's Studio Workshop, [1994]).

This book is housed in a wooden box with a front door which opens to reveal a collection of household utensils used as portraits of individual family members. On alternating pages these objects are layered over definitions of the roles to which the family members are predestined. The book investigates the idea of the family unit as a tool of socialization; creating and perpetuating gender stereotypes. The images explore our place and role within our families and beyond.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4 .M3 F36x 1994


McVarish, Emily. These : these buildings are falling ([San Francisco? : s.n., 199-?]).

Twenty-four numbered leaves, measuring 30 x 180 mm., are laid on metal triangles in the  metal box. At the bottom is a paper wedge labeled start; at the top, finish.

LOCATION: Special Collections  folio+ N7433.4 .M36 T44x 1990z


Meador, Clifton. Book of doom. (Rhinebeck, NY : Ph. Zimmermann Multiples, 1984).

Stencilled folding concentric diamond-shaped pages. P. [1] and [2] of cover are part of p. [1]; part of p. [14] attached to a rear board. Issued in case measuring 35 cm.

LOCATION: Special Collections  folio N7433.4 .M43 B66x 1984


Morales, Gloria. Here comes the band = Ya viene la banda. (San Francisco, Calif. : SOL Press, 1999 ; Oakland, Calif.: Eucalyptus Press, Mills College, Calif.)

Tunnel book opens accordion style to reveal 9 cutout musicians facing viewer. The book was inspired by popular Mexican bands.

LOCATION: Special Collections  N7433.4.M673 H47x 1999


O'Banion, Nance. Domestic science : idioms ; Domestic science : pop-up icons. ([Calif.] : Flying Fish Press, 1990).

Sheet printed on both sides, accordion-folded, with 5 pop-up illustrations and folded pages bound in. Designed to be read from each end; separate title page at each end.

LOCATION: Special Collections  folio+ N7433.4 .O23 A3x 1990


Pfeiffer, Werner. Errantry. (Red Hook, N.Y. : Pear Whistle Press, 2008).

Scroll, attached to a handled dowel at one end, enclosed in a stiff cylindrical hinged encasing, inserted into a brass 90 mm shell casing (originally used in the M36 and M41 tank guns and in the M54 anti-tank gun), then placed in a custom wooden box. Digitally printed in red and black on canvas.

LOCATION:  Special Collections  Folio+ N7433.4.P445 E77x 2008


Pfeiffer, Werner. Out of the sky : remembering 911. (Red Hook, NY : Pear Whistle Press, 2006).

"A three-dimensional book consisting of a group of large woodcuts in the shape of two towers, each over five feet tall. ... Each tower has seven segments which are stacked over a support structure. Four pages make up a segment. On the inside each is clearly marked to insure proper assembly. To begin, open the left compartment next to the text piece and remove the stack of pages plus the plain dividers. Start with the top piece and open it to form a square. ... Place this cube into the recessed cavity. Next remove the text part in the center, revealing a compartment with all the structural material. On top are two short vertical support members. Set one aside and open the other so diagonals fit into the base already set up. Now place one of the white dividers on top of the structure inside the cube. A set of full-size diagonals is placed next in the cube. Open section two and guide it over the protruding spacers, following proper alignment. Place a white square inside the second cube and add the next set of diagonals. Follow this procedure until the first tower is completed. Now open the right compartment and follow the same process to build the second tower ..."--Booklet, p. [15]; the finished towers are 23 cm square, 161 cm high.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ N7433.4.P49 O96x 2006

YouTube Video of "Out of the Sky" being put together. 

Pisano, Maria G. Modus vivendi. ([Plainsboro, NJ] : Memory Press, 1995).

"The photos ... were shot in Italy by the artist ... scanned and manipulated on a Quadra 660AV ... translated into polymer plates and letterpress printed on Rives BFK. The cover was pulled on an etching press and paste paper decorated on the interior” --Colophon.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO N7433.4.P545 M63 1995


Sakaizumi, Akiko. Female sampler. (Rosendale, N.Y. : Women's Studio Workshop, 2001).

Contains material to supposedly ’construct’ a female human being; claims to be constructed out of human skin, hair, etc. Includes instructions, a table of contents and a "Start-to-sew kit".

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO+ N7433.4.S355 F45 2001


Spring, Jessica. Parts unknown. (Tacoma, Wash. : Springtide Press, 2007).

"The photographs ... were scanned from circa 1890 glass plate negatives then inkjet printed on handmade abaca. Each image was varnished and bound in die-cut panels of Rising museum board."--Colophon. "Housed in a clamshell box, the book unfolds into four accordion chapters that converge at both a literal and historical crossroads, transporting the viewer to the 1890s ..."--Publisher’s website, viewed 11/4/09.

LOCATION: Special Collections  FOLIO N7433.4.S67 P3x 2007


Suzuki, Jun. [Koto hajime] = In the beginning. (New York : Edition Kaldewey, 1984 ; New York : Printed in the Tower of Poestenkill.)

Composed of 12 sheets of metal attached to a spine in book fashion, all etched in spots with acid to create an effect; the 2nd-10th have each a different English word cut by a stencil-making machine into the sheet; above each word is the equivalent in Japanese characters done with a red brush. On the 11th sheet is mounted a piece of paper with the words "Tell me your name please" and the same phrase in Japanese characters.

LOCATION: Special Collections  Folio N 7433.4 .S89 A4 1984