We will stagger from war to war, deficit to deficit (1 Trillion dollars a year and climbing and no end in sight) until the economy collapses most likely into an indefinite period of hyperinflation and serious civil unrest. Washington DC is hopeless as it is currently structured. Only the people of the United States can save the United States at this point, we are past the tipping point as far as the government fixing itself. There is no one waiting in the wings to save us. There is no Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower on the horizon. It us up to us to, we the people to save the United States for our children and grandchildren (it will take a long time and lots of determination).

The Grand Jury was created to shield the public from the sovereign (the government). The British Crown simply accused any critics of crimes and locked them up. The founders did not want to replace a tyrant an ocean away with a tyrant at home. The Grand Jury was designed to be an independent body, not of the government; the people were to decide who is charged with serious crimes not the government. Today a competent (or incompetent) government attorney can have anyone indicted with evidence that cannot be admitted into a court of law and often is not based in fact but fabricated or manufactured. A government attorney can dirty, up shut up, and lock up anyone who criticizes the government, and they do on a regular basis. Obama has been exceptionally tough on critics. That is the systemic problem, there is no freedom of speech any longer when it relates to serious criticism of the government and that is the purpose of the first amendment, we should not be afraid to criticize our government.

We no longer live in a free country. Tyranny is being imposed on us all, slowly and methodically. All of your and my basic freedoms are being taken away. When you are afraid to speak your mind on the telephone or in an email or in a blog because the NSA is listening and the next thing you know the FBI may kick down your door and search your home because it threatens the current political status quo it is over. We no longer live in the land of the free.

The remaining question is do we live in home of the brave. The political parties are not going to give you your freedoms back ever. The Patriot Act will never actually sunset as it was scheduled to do in 2011. The Bank Secrecy Act will never be repealed, it requires your bank to spy on you and report potentially any transaction you make to the national government, and the list goes on and on.

You have to take it back. The Grand Jury has the theoretical authority to do so. You were never meant to be a tool of the government you were meant to be a tool of the people to check the power of government. Today a government attorney views the Grand Jury as little more than a process to walk through not an independent investigative body of the people. You can indict any government attorney or agent you believe is misusing the grand jury or grand jury material for Criminal Contempt of Court. You can indict anyone who willfully misleads you for Obstruction of Justice. You can indict anyone who willfully lies to you for perjury. You can have any witness you wish subpoenaed to testify.

The US Marshal Service serves the court not the executive or legislative branch of the government and that is you. They can and must serve and protect you by delivering subpoenas, ensuring that the witnesses comply and ensuring your safety and they are good at it. The US Marshal in Northern Ohio is a career law enforcement officer not a politician and I have never heard of an instance of the Marshal Service playing politics. The US Marshal can deputize anyone you might need to help you.

Aim small and miss small. I suggest you start with something that is not complex. Contempt of court is short and sweet and you can make a statement with it. It will probably be dismissed but you will have made a point. Keep making a point until the government listens. A judge can dismiss your indictments but you will have made a point and you will know where the Judicial Branch stands.

Ask Tom Beres from channel 3 news who I was before the government came after me. He knew me as well as anyone. I never thought it would happen to me but it did and it can happen to someone you care about. Invite me in and I will answer any questions you have (nobody else invited). I have offered to tell the government what the facts are on a polygraph (with conditions which may make it fair) but they are not interested. When I was a federal agent I noticed that the best questions were often asked by members of the Grand Jury panel (when I reviewed the transcripts), the government attorney was usually there just to walk them through an indictment. Don't underestimate yourself, the Japanese and Germans underestimated American resolve and paid for it. German Field Marshal Rommel, when discussing the effectiveness of the American Army, said they were poorly led but the soldiers were tenacious in battle. That is a quite a compliment coming from Rommel.

Most of what I have done for the past 5 years has been to draw out and expose the truth. I filed a civil RICO lawsuit in late 2012 so I would have subpoena power and deposition authority. I withdrew it as a result of unusual behavior by the clerk and the Judge, it appeared to me that the random assignment of cases was violated and the case was directed to a specific Judge. The Judge’s first action was to order it dismissed. I filed an amended Complaint and withdrew the case.

Approximately 10 years ago, when I first discovered that I had stumbled into something serious and dangerous I began checking out other employment options. On one occasion I had a series of calls with a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer employed by one of the prospective employers. He advised me that he could no longer work with me due to FBI involvement. Since that time I have suspected that several potential employers and clients had been coached or intimidated by someone most likely the FBI.