Hi, Welcome to my page.

     I am G. Venkatesh Prabhu, born and brought up in a tiny village called P.Subbulapuram in Madurai Dt. My parents were the Headmaster and Headmistress in a school in our own village. Well, being brought up in such an strict & educated family; you would imagine that I turned out to be a nerd. Well, I most certainly didn’t.


     My father, Mr. Gopalan was an ingenuous disciplinarian who almost always made sure that I was only studying, if not doing something useful. Half the time, I won’t even know if I am at school or at home, you should have seen me when I was eight and I would be sitting in my hall and solving the next year math books during my annual holidays. But somehow I didn’t turn out to be a geek; rather I was very naughty- if only my dad knew. But anyways, if I am what I am today, I owe it all to my  father, who always sacrificed all his joys for my future.


   My mother, Mrs. Rathinam Gopalan was a very kind and compassionate lady. She was always there to give me a hug and obviate all my fears anytime I needed her. In contrast to my short tempered strict dad, she was very soft natured and quiet. She taught me self discipline and loyalty and showed me how I can a cool person and at the same time, an altruist in today's fast world.


   I did my schooling in M.S.P Solai Nadar School, Dindigal- one of the eminent schools in Tamil Nadu. It was in this school that i learnt to be a hard worker and living in a hostel with other smart students definitely polished my competitive skills. I did my under graduation-B.E. in Computer Science & Engg. in AKCE. Boy that life was one heaven and I was a total freak out there. I had such cool friends (J.Saravanakumar, RadhaKrishnan, Selvam, Ramakrishnan, Spic Karthi, Vijaya Saravanan, Arivu Selvam, Manoj, Praveen, VijayaNarayanan, Nivas) and we were always conducting some tour or function (anything unrelated to studies was always a big yes with us).


     I did my post graduation M.E., Computer Science & Engg in SRM Engg College (affiliated to Anna University, Chennai). It is here I met many important people in my life, including my wonderful professors Mr. Sridhar, Mr. Sudarsun and Mrs. Pushpalatha and many others. A special thanks to Mr. Sudarsun who introduced me to this wonderful field of Soft Computing for I had steered my career in this direction. And I got some wonderful  friends Mukesh, Bava, Shailu, Pangu and Abi.


   Currently I am working with Checktronix india Private limited (AI based MNC), Chennai as a Research Associate. We are group of wonderful people who are making wonderful things.



Playing Cricket , Basket ball and shuttle cock, Poetry writing, Biking.


Research Interests

AI, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Data Mining,  Machine Learning, Text and Pattern Classification, Knowledge based Neural networks, Expert system development,  Committee Machines and Hybrid Techniques in Soft Computing and Bioinformatics.



International Publications:

1. G.Venkatesh Prabhu and Prof.S.S.Sridhar, "Adaptive Document Classification", Proceddings of the International Conference on "Trends in Computer Science and Engineering", held at Dr.M.G.R. Educational Research Institute, Chennai in May 2004.

2. Sudarsun Santhiappan, Venkatesh Prabhu Gopalan, and Sathish Kumar Veeraswamy,” Role of Weighting on TDM in Improvising Performance of LSA on Text Data”, IEEE INDICON 2006.

3. Sudarsun S, Venkatesh Prabhu, Valarmathi B, "Topic Models based Personalized Spam Filter", Proceedings of ISCF 2006, pp. X-X, 2006