A person passionate about Robotics. Developing products which unite the strengths of both Hardware and Software into easy-to-use, intuitive applications is what I am always enthusiastic about. 

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Robotics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My current research interests are Planning and Control of Autonomous Vehicles. 

My previous activities revolved around developing a robot for home environments, following the theme used in Robocup @Home. My research interests included Machine Learning, Probabilistic Reasoning, Markov Models, Neural networks, Bayes Nets, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Motion Planning for Mobile Robots. 

I also developed a system for Robocup Small Size League, which involved working on Multi-agent robotic systems, and was the team lead of the first team from South Asia to qualify for the event (2013). This included technical as well as managerial tasks, developing a complete lab for the said system, technical and design decisions and fabrication and procurement issues.

My other interests include Consumer Electronics, DIY Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Economics and a bit about Psychology.