Fuel and Brake Lines - 7/09

I got the fuel and brake lines run.  It took me a while, I wanted them hidden but they still needed to be accessable.  The fuel pump and filter mounted locations were difficult to place because there was either a frame member in the way or they would end up buried under the body.  Still need to make a bracket for the fuel pump. 
I welded in all the tabs for the brake lines and got all the holes drilled for the line clamps with temporary screws or rivits holding them on.  That way when I reassemble after paint, there should be a minimal amount of drilling.   I have a whole can full of aluminum rivits my father left me so I use them as they will be easy to drill out for dissasembly.   Even with the FFR supplied clamps and clamps I bought, I'm not happy with any of them.  Have to find something else.