Ceiling Drapes & Top Table Skirting with Lights and Garland






 Ceiling Drapes









Simply put, Ceiling and Wall Draping is the finishing touch that completely softens a room and provides for other effects such as fairy lights. It can compliment or contrast Centrepeice and floor arrangements to creat a rich and full atmosphere and changes the character of the room into something special.

                              Satin Table Skirting in White or Ivory to match our backdrops




 Cake Table Skirting

This comes complete with table, table cloth to floor and swags.

Varios colours available 










Top Table Skirting and Swags Lights


If you want to make a real impact and feature of your head table, this skirting and lighting will do just that!  The skirting and lighting are absolutley stunning and blend perfectly into whatever colour theme you have chosen creating a soft romantic and eye catching feature.  It looks beautiful with our twinkle backdrop too!!













                                                       Just Table Skirting










Your head table is one of the most important features of your wedding reception, table skirting is beautiful and finishes your table perfectly. Skirtings available in White or Ivory.  See our matching backdrops














Table Garland

Enhance your top table front with our garland accessory, white flowers with a pearl inset in each flower.

















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