Wedding Cake Stands







The Perfect Accompaniment for your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes stands add height and elegance to your wedding cake, and together this creates a beautiful focal point at your reception.


Make an impression and enhance your wedding cake with our selection of classic, contemporary and stylish cake stands, cupcake stands and plateaus.


Wedding cakes stands come in various designs, the Tiered designs allow for grouped arrangements, this allows each cake to be individually displayed as though each cake is cascading.
















Gorgeous sterling silver 4 tier cake stand, carriage design with glass tiers 12 inches in diameter and a glass vase in the centre.  Fill the vase with water and place your bouquet in the vase, perfect for pictures when cutting your cake.

















Stunning sterling silver Vine design 3 tier cake stand, glass tiers 12 inches in diameter perfect for any wedding cake.















Beautiful and delicate sterling silver butterfly design 2 tier cake stand.  Glass tiers 12 inches in diameter.  Decorated with delicate butterflys entwined around the stand itself.










3 Tier G Style Cake Stand


Base ring size = 12 inches

Centre ring size = 9 inches

Top ring size = 6 inches


 The clearance between tiers =

8 inches and the total height is 17 inches


 We also have in stock S shapes and C shapes






Plateau cake stands provide an attractive base and enough height for your wedding cake tiers to be placed on top of each other.  We have a stunning selection of plateaus made from silver with a beautiful shiny finish. 


Pictured right we have our square cake stand, simple yet elegantly detailed and providing a sound base for your wedding cake.



14 inch top edge

18 inch base

3.5 inch high


Pictured left we have our round cake stand, yet another picture of elegance and will enhance your wedding cake beautifully.



14 inch top edge

18 inch base

3.5 inch high













All our stands provide strong support as well as an attractive feature for your wedding cake and comply with EU regulationd for items coming into contact with food.