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Boy Baby Shower Centerpieces

boy baby shower centerpieces
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    baby shower
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boy baby shower centerpieces - Classic Pastel
Classic Pastel Baby Shower Diaper Cake (3 Tier, Blue)
Classic Pastel Baby Shower Diaper Cake (3 Tier, Blue)
Diaper cakes are a fun and functional gift for any new baby. Surprise the new parents in your life, by sending them a beautiful baby cake. These cakes are all about the diapers. We use Pampers Swaddlers Stage 1 Diapers, which fit babies up to 14 lbs. Diaper Cake Sizing: Cupcake: 10 Diapers 2 Tier: 30 Diapers 3 Tier: 60 Diapers 4 Tier: 100 Diapers 5 Tier: 150 Diapers All diapers are fresh and ready to use with the snip of a ribbon. We never use any adhesives in the construction of our diaper cakes. Give as a gift, or use as a chic centerpiece for your next baby shower.

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Very Mod Diaper Cake
Very Mod Diaper Cake
Every mother loves to get diapers, but you don’t want to get her just a plain old box of diapers. So here is your answer, this is a unique and practical gift for the new mother, and makes a great baby shower centerpiece. This diaper cake has approximately 36 size two pamper swaddlers diapers. Also, the cake has powder and lotion hidden in the layers. Each layer is wrapped with premium ribbon and has coordinating embellishments. The diaper cake is wrapped in cello, tied with a coordinating ribbon, gift card, and "ingredient card".
Twin Boys Baby Shower
Twin Boys Baby Shower
Went with a bird themed shower, using various blue scrapbook papers in the decor. Made the clothesline, centerpieces and favors (Hershey Bars).

boy baby shower centerpieces
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