Four Seasons - Four Artists

Inspired by Juneau's love affair with flowers, four local artists have put together an exhibition of photographs, pottery, and flower arrangements that reflect the changing seasons of the year.

Kaki Shields will display photographs of flowers, taken during spring/summer/fall/winter.

Potters Joyce Payne, David W. Riccio, and Kaki Shields have created vases, each according to his/her own vision, that correspond to the four seasons. Pots range from luster and naked raku to pit-fired pieces to glazed porcelain.

Teresa Busch, local floral designer, will create seasonal arrangements in a number of these vases.

This unusual collaborative show will be at the JAHC for the month of September, with a First Friday Opening on September 7th, 4:30-7:00 pm. 

The show is sponsored by the Schwartz Gerger family.

(This Website will be updated as show is installed and events occur  ~ 1Sep2012 thru 30Sep2012) Please check back for updates.