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The island of Arran boasts a diverse landscape and is often referred to Scotland in miniature with its pretty villages, stunning coastline and mountainous areas. It makes an ideal holiday destination for those who wish to discover the great outdoors, uncover the history of the island, explore the diverse wildlife or simply get away from it all. We hope to provide the perfect base for your arran escape. Arran really does have something for everyone.

Avoca Cottage

The island is a natural adventure playground offering walking, sea kayaking, sailing, abseiling, gorge walking, golfing horse riding and biking. Specific bike routes can be downloaded from the Arran bike club website although the forest tracks and coastal roads, 52 miles right round, enable you to explore what the island has to offer for yourself. For the walkers there are numerous forest trails or the Isle of Arran Coastal Way which follows a continuous route around the island, whilst the northern half of the island offers the more adventurous a mountainous region of granite peaks to explore. Arran is the location for anything from a stroll on the beach to a grade 5 walk up Goatfell. For the golfers there is a choice of seven challenging, wonderful courses. Did you know the island boasts the world’s highest number of golf courses per head of population?

Arran is well known for its cuisine and the residents take great pride in this side of island life. You will discover fresh produce of a startling variety and superior quality – lobster, prime beef, venison, lamb, pheasant, grouse, duck, trout, salmon, artisan bread, cheese and traditional dairy ice cream to name but a few. The local Arran whisky and ales are a must.

For the wildlife enthusiast, Arran has plenty to offer. A large population of red deer can be found roaming the hills and glens particularly around the Lochranza area. Sheltered by mainland Scotland, Arran is an ideal habitat for marine wildlife and sea birds. Otters, Common and Grey Seals can often been seen on rocks at low tide, some of the best spotting places being Newton Shore, Merkland Point and Kildonan shore. It is not unusual to see Minke whales, Basking Sharks and large schools of Bottlenose Dolphins too. There are over 250 species of birds on Arran. Raptors range from Buzzards, Hen Harriers, Short Eared Owls, Kestrels, Sparrow Hawk, Sea Eagles and Golden Eagle. The island is also a nationally important area for Red-Breasted Merganser and Black Throated Divers.

Avoca Cottage is a delight and we take great pride in providing a quality base for your romantic, relaxing or adventurous holiday.

Denise and Kerr Sinclair