What's New?

  Well, I really have to apologize for such a long time that it took to update this page.  Honestly, ARRA has grown by such leaps and bounds over the past year, with new members and the resulting amount of additional work involved because of the new members...well, it takes up the time.  This past year, I averaged 5 1/2 hours each week keeping the site updated and I anticipate it will take even longer next season as we are constantly working to add tracks and drivers to our lineup.  All that being said...much has happened around here as of late.  Let's see...new members coming on board with us include Ken Parrotte, Kevin Eckert, Bob Mays, Stephen Bubb.  I would have to take a head count, but I think this brings us up to 15 or 16 historians now at ARRA.  We have internally decided that we will remain at that number until we "feel it out" as far as how things roll and how much more work will be involved.  

   If you take a look at the line up of researched subjects...you will notice more additions.  Oh Jesus...let me think....we have added drivers Gerald Chamberlain, Jeff Strunk, Harold Bunting, Larry Wight and tracks like Orange County, Five Mile Point and Oswego have had their pages updated with more information.  The PA Sprint Speedweek hs been added as a page and something sort of rare around here...another page dealing with a singular race car...this time the Pustizze #300 driven by a handful of noted drivers...one being Jackie McLaughlin.  

   In the near future...you can expect pages on Pat O'Brien, Kevin Collins, Bobby Varin and Meme DeSantis and work is ongoing on the research on Bob McCreadie's career.   A page on the Brockville Speedway is in the works.  So, you can see, the work is always on-going around here.  I hope to update this page much sooner than it took this time around.