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Ken Marriotte

Ken Marriotte was the NASCAR Modified stock car champion for 1957 despite not having one steady ride and missing two to three weeks with broken ribs. At Alcyon, Ken drove the 49 and 49 JR of Melvin Joseph, the 300 of Joe Pustizzi, Pete Crescitelli, Millard Paulus and Associates, the 88A of George Hefner, the 98 of Busty Luzzo, and the 44’s of Neal Williams.  His average finishing position in the features at Alcyon in 1957 was “third” while racing against the best drivers in the East as Alcyon and Vineland raced on different nights that year with both sets of drivers able to run at both tracks.  All of this while driving at least a half dozen cars over the course of the year! 

Click here to view Bill Skinner's Ken Marriotte research:   Ken Marriott 1957 Feature Race Results.xlsx


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