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Chuck Akulis

  Legend Chuck Akulis obviously had a number of wins that are not included on this list.  To be included, wins need to be verified.  Due to Chuck's career going back so far, it is almost impossible to track down many of his earliest wins.  In the earliest part of his career, race coverage was nowhere near as complete as it is in current times.  Also, there were tracks that just simply did not bother to formulate and send out a weekly press release covering their events.  Chuck could literally have as many as fifty or even many more wins to his credit and the search will continue in an effort to document those wins that are still among the missing.  It's a safe bet that Chuck Akulis has between 200 to 300 feature event wins to his credit.  The search will continue and we will update his list as the wins are found and documented.  Many, many thanks to Chuck's nephew Chris and former crewman Jay Mooney for assisting me in compiling data on Chuck's career!
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Fred Voorhees,
Dec 13, 2018, 8:35 AM