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Bob Rossell

Click on the link to see our research on Bob Rossell: Bob Rossell Career Win List.xlsx

In regards to this record of Bob Rossell's career wins - we have obviously not obtained a complete listing of all of his feature event wins.  For instance, we are aware of the fact that he has four wins at Orange County, yet we have only uncovered two.  At the Nazareth 1/2 mile speedway...we are missing 3 wins in '66 and 1 in '67.  we are sure there are others and always remain open to investigate any win dates that are suggested to us.  With Bob being one of the drivers of yore, our racing research resources are limited.  We encourage anyone with an old collection of racing newspapers to donate them for the purpose of further research.  Further, we also hope that those that may have further information on Bob, that they contact us to add to the history of Bob's career.

Fred Voorhees,
Jun 28, 2018, 5:04 PM