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Few words of appreciation by others (Through LinkedIn, Emails, pdf, etc. )  

"I worked on a team with Arpit to develop a new product idea in an entrepreneurship competition.
Arpit served as CEO of the team and was a very strong leader, provided innovative ideas, and
drove each member of the team to perform at their bests and delve into their creative thinking. Our
team won the competition no doubt due to Arpits strong leadership, great idea, and strong
motivational skills."
— Beth Henry, studied with Arpit at Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of

He's a rare find — exceptional IT candidate that possesses strong leadership, presentation and interpersonal relationship skills.  An additional, noteworthy distinction is Arpit's respect for himself and others. His impeccable manners and follow-through are impressive.  His business acumen is well beyond his years.  

I've had the pleasure of seeing him in action.  His presentation to a group of 60 plus engineers and industry leaders was excellent and his interview with the New York Post was equally impressive.

He recently completed his Masters of Engineering & Management from Case Western and has a BA in Information & Communication Technology.  As mentioned to you on Friday, he's an exceptional candidate that desires to utilize technology to innovate "real world" communication solutions.  An avid blogger, Arpit understands the power of Web 2.0's ability to engage, inform and unite.  This paired with his strong presentation skills make him an ideal candidate.

 — Marketing Manager of XYZ firm (Details have been kept confidential)

"Arpit is intelligent and resourceful and is able to see solutions in complex problems. He works well
with his peers and business partners to deliver great results. I am proud of his efforts and know he
will always be an asset to any company as a leader or highly effective team member."
— Christopher Keller, was Arpit's client 

"ASM hired Arpit as a "Visiting Scholar". Arpit's tasks were to help ASM define the Industrial Design
Community Website, and to help identify how the industrial designer would use the website. Arpit
delivered all assignments and ideas in a clear and concise fashion. He was a hard worker and
offered a lot of good ideas and provided some great concepts for us to build on. I would
recommend Arpit to work for any company."
— Pam Brown, was Arpit's client

"Working with Arpit on the Entrepreneurs Edge program was very rewarding. Arpit is highly
motivated, very detail oriented and driven. He would be a true asset to any organization."
— Maureen Lynn, General Manager, Fairmount Minerals, was with another company when
working with Arpit at Entrepreneurs Edge

"Arpit did a great job of digging into the process and providing recommendations for savings."

— Chris Longstaff, was Arpit's client

  "I have known Arpit as a resourceful person. Whenever he experienced difficult issues he would not
shy away or back off. Instead he would face them and try tirelessly to solve them. Arpit also has the
qualities of a leader. He always takes initiative and shares his knowledge and information with
those around him. Arpit is the kind of a person that people would feel comfortable working with."
— Osama Alhashim, studied with Arpit at Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead
School of Management

"“Arpit is very detail oriented and hard working person. Always have his eyes on issue that
individuals usually forget when running extensive and complex projects. Working besides Arpit is a
very positive experience as his approach towards day to day business is not only very professional
but also very focused. As a friend I would say Arpit has always generated a sense of responsibility
and care. So in a nutshell he is not only a great colleague but a great friend in the process. His
dealings with people has been very generous and humble”."
— Anand Raj Singh, Independent Business Consultant Intern, The Entrepreneur's EDGE, worked
with Arpit at Entrepreneurs Edge