Lecturer in Economics

Newcastle Business School,

Northumbria University, UK

Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Policy Impact Evaluation

Teaching Areas: Microeconomics and Quantitative Methods

I am Lecturer in Economics at the Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University. My academic profile is policy-focused and interdisciplinary and attempts to transcend the boundaries of my academic training. I received my PhD from University of California-Riverside (2017) and have previously worked at Leeds University Business School in both research and teaching capacity.

My primary research area is the evaluation of policies targeted to address gaps and inequalities in development outcomes. I use a combination of observational and quasi-experimental methods to estimate the impact of such policies; and combine lessons from economics and allied fields to understand the efficacy and limitations of policy design and implementation. Within that ambit, at present my research portfolio covers a wide set of topics - evaluating affirmative action policies in India; developing an analytical framework for adaptive preferences; analysing workplace well-being for intersectional groups in the UK in light of the Equality Act; investigating the associations between fertility and labour market outcomes; investigating inclusive growth in UK; and exploring the channel for cultural spillovers from trade synergies between India and Korea.

I have six years of experience teaching courses in quantitative methods and applied microeconomics to diverse classrooms of students majoring in different fields. I am quite keen on research-led teaching that can help students connect with the work we do and discern the embedded policy lessons. Exposure to a very diverse student body has helped me cultivate the ability to generate creative ideas that offer alternate presentations of material and better connect with students who seek additional support. Outside of the classroom I also seek out opportunities to help students from underprivileged backgrounds access higher education.

Outside of work, I am passionate about music, reading, and travel. And the occasional game of tennis.