I am an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering department, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. I am also associated with the Bharti School Of Telecommunication Technology And Management, the Centre of Excellence in Cyber Systems and Information Assurance, and the Technology Innovation Hub for Cobotics at IIT Delhi.

I obtained my PhD from the ECE department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2015. Prior to joining IIT Delhi, I worked as a postdoc at the DYOGENE research group of INRIA-ENS, Paris, France and the Electrical Engineering department, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

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research interests (current and near future)

My research interests cover a large spectrum of topics including communication, networks, signal processing, control and machine learning. Below I have tried to categorize them into three broad classes, though a number of these topics fit into more than classes. In fact, many of the problems in the communication, networks, signal processing and cyber-physical systems domain require machine learning tools and even control theory, apart from traditional probability, statistics and optimization theory.

IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems

  1. Security against false data injection attack

    • Theory: estimation and control system

    • Applications: smart grid, autonomous vehicles

  2. Security against adversarial images and videos using signal processing and machine learning

    • Theory development

    • Application: autonomous vehicles, tele-surgery by robots

  3. Blockchain for IoT: security, privacy, consensus

  4. Energy-efficient active sensing, age-of-information in IoT

Machine learning

  1. Reinforcement learning (RL)

    • Inverse RL

    • Adversarial attack: security

    • Multi-agent RL

    • Application in robotics and next generation wireless

  2. Learning over networks

    • Federated learning

    • Fog learning

    • Security, privacy issues

    • Network-related issues

    • Opportunistic data sampling

Comm., networks and signal processing

  1. Analysis, control, resource allocation and design of communication systems and networks

    • Caching, cloud computing, network function virtualization, SDN, edge computing

    • Energy-efficient sensing, delay, age-of-information

    • Intelligent reflector surfaces for 5G/6G communication: control, learning, security

  2. Radar signal processing, communication and learning

    • Automotive radars, joint radar communication

    • Localization, tracking, security, privacy

    • Cognitive radar