Aloha Bound--Green Screen in the Classroom

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Aloha Bound! Green Screen in the Classroom

No passport is necessary for this trip to the Islands of Hawaii. Join us for some island fun! This interactive session will demonstrate the versatility and ease of using green screen and film-making in your class.  Participants wishing to use their own iPad should download the Green Screen app by Do Ink, however we will provide iPads for small groups to use.

Green screen technology can enhance any subject or topic by transporting students/teachers to a particular destination by inserting a background image.  The process for using green screen addresses several common core standards that are dependent on the content that is being relayed in the film.  

By using green screen, students can use a backdrop of a foreign country, a book setting, or natural landscapes like volcanoes while reenacting details that bring a story or narrative to life.


Film horizontally

When using photos, no people in background

Still images are cool, video is cooler

Don't wear green, unless you want to disappear!

Find photos here:

Apps to assist your work flow:

  • DoInk Green Screen app-Best/easiest green screen app we've found!
  • Photo App Transfer app-allows the user to easily move images/video from one device to another (for iPad and Computer)
  • Haiku Deck app/web-beautiful presentation tool with Creative Commons images (use for backgrounds)
  • Google Drive app/web-upload your movies to your cloud in the sky
  • Lego Movie for Stop Motion app-*Free* stop motion animation app, and it's by Lego, which makes it even cooler
  • Pic Collage app-take those royalty free/Creative Commons images and make a collage for your background
  • Tellagami-clever avatar app helps with student privacy issues if you want to publish your video online
  • Google Earth app/web-Record your screen (screencast) and travel to the location your studying

Filmmaking tools that are also used in class:


Ipad Tripod Mount (fits around your iPad)

Poster Display Boards (either spray painted green OR covered with green paper)

Larger green screen with support system

Green Straws (great for use with stick puppets)

And if you want to take film making even further...

IntroDesigner & IntroMate-both allow the filmmaker to create awesome movie intros & outros

Want to learn about Creative Commons in the Classroom?

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Welcome to our session #greenscreenrocks CUE