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Join Us As We Travel Around The World

Taking a year off to go travelling is something that you don't decide overnight.  We have been talking about this for several months. We are leaving behind steady incomes, uprooting ourselves from Dublin, an amazing city we have called home, for the last few years. We are kicking our daily routines and comfort zones to the side for a while with the hopes of meeting new friends, cultures, foods and traditions. 

Pulling off a trip like this takes a lot of research, planning and budgeting. You will need to be resourceful, persistent, thick skinned, frugal (unless you're minted), patient and open minded. The effort you apply to your pre-trip planning will pay off ten-fold during your travels. The number one tip would be, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

Some people may think that we are crazy and that we should be saving our money  for more "grown up" things like houses, kids and retirement. Others have asked us if we are worried about quitting our jobs in the middle of a recession. Fortunately, most people say, "go for it, there is no time like the present". We like these people!

Time will only tell if we have made the right decision. Sure, there will be many stressful moments and heated discussions about whose fault it was that we missed our connection or that we are at the wrong train station...again. Hopefully these situations will be recalled later on with a smile on our faces. It is all part of the experience right? 

We are looking forward to the laughter, smiles, photo opportunities and fun that we are going to encounter during the adventure. We have created this site so that you can enjoy it all with us. Hopefully we can keep this up to date whenever time permits and an Internet connection is available (preferably free!). 

To be continued... 
"...nothing so liberalises a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people." - Mark Twain

Nuestro Viaje Alrededor del Mundo 
La idea de viajar por meses es algo que no imaginabamos posible. Empezamos un ahorro despues de nuestra boda y con poca (¡o mas bien mucha!) planeación se ha convertido en la aventura de nuestra vida.
Renunciar a un trabajo estable y dejar nuestra vida relativamente comoda en Dublin ha sido una de las decisiones mas difíciles que hemos tomado. Afortunadamente en este momento solo podemos pensar en las aventuras que nos esperan, la gente que conoceremos, los lugares que nos sorprenderan y todos los sabores nuevos que podremos deleitar.  
Este sitio lo hemos creado para poder compartir nuestro sueño a través de fotos, historias y videos. Trataremos de actualizar este sitio frecuentemente y cuando una conección a internet nos lo permita.
Mantenganse en contacto y dejen sus comentarios
“No existen tierras extrañas. Es el viajero el único que es extraño.” Robert Louis Stevenson

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