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Recent assignments

*  Advised a start-up company on a novel product resulting in its classification as a medical device rather than a medicinal product.  Subsequently worked with the client to achieve the regulatory approvals, resulting in quicker time-to-market and significant cost savings.

*  Worked with a university and an SME on the research and development of a novel technology with significant medical diagnostics potential; included market assessment, regulatory requirements, competitive analysis and intellectual property issues.  The project should move to the next stage of development with ongoing participation.

*  Jointly with another company, prepared a critical in-depth assessment of novel medical imaging technology based on university research including competitive and market issues in global markets.

*  Analysed the potential for a small company to make use of its background technology in a different field including identifying potential partners and production strategy.

*  Developed the commercialisation concepts for a medical imaging research project with significant potential, identifying possible partners, developing new intellectual property rights, identifying outsourcing opportunities for further development and regulatory approvals.  Worked with the original researcher to quantify and identify funding needs.

*  Ongoing – assessment of Life Sciences project applications for major funders of international research and development.  Assessments included detailed analysis and reporting to a strict schedule.