USB Storage Drives 
 I only use usb drives that been tested to work great with AROS.  Great quality is the key word here. There are simply lots of bad usb drives out there. At least for using with a OS. The differences are huge. I would stay far away from unbranded drives.

Don't buy this one, it does not work well with AROS. The connector is of the right type, but it is slow and therefore introduce some trouble when using with Operative Systems like AspireOS.


This kind of connector I would stay away from. Does not fit well in many computers.

This one I used to install AspireOS and it is fast and reliable.


This is the one I use to install AspireOS. Small, fast, reliable and the right connector. It is so small that you will hardly notice it.

Lexar Also have a very nice USB storage device simelar to this one, but more expensive.