Gallery - 2013-14

A Chilly Day for Sure - A group of hardy field scouts set off at 8 a.m. on January 4 in search of birds on the Caribou/Limestone Christmas Bird Count.  Temperatures on the credit union's outdoor marquee registered 22 degrees below zero.

Snowy Owl - without its camouflage advantage. Photographed by Paul Cyr, Dec. 7, in a potato field on the Mill Road near the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Limestone.


Glaucous Gull - juvenile with Herring Gulls eating sweet potato fries at the dump!

photo by Bill Sheehan 10/30/2013

A Red-Tailed Hawk photographed in the New Sweden area.
Connie McLellan scans the horizon for hawks on the Sept. 21, 2013 Hawk Watch at Haystack Mountain. 
~photo courtesy of Kathy Olmstead
Recorded in the Sinclair area were a Bald Eagle at Long Lake and a pair of Common Loons on Mud Lake, both photographed by Shawn Morneault.
Yellow Warbler and Northern Flicker posed together for Jill McIntyre on the recent field trip to Caribou Stream Bog in Woodland.
Double Crested Cormorant:  Just one of many "waterfowl" seen on the April Field Trip along the Aroostook River in Fort Fairfield and at Lake Josephine in Easton. - photo courtesy of Tammy Morris.
Way Too Early for the Party: Connie McLellan spotted this cold and forlorn looking Great Blue Heron on the throughway at Cross Lake in early April.
Caught in Flight: Ted Roberts recently snapped this photo of a male Northern Cardinal, a winter-long visitor to his feeder in Presque Isle.
FIRST SUNRISE OF NEW YEAR: Photographed on Creasy Ridge in Mapleton by Dave Putnam in the early hours of the Presque Isle Audubon Christmas Bird Count held January 1, 2013.
CARIBOU BIRD COUNT: A Bull Moose stoops to lick roadsalt on Saturday's Caribou Christmas Bird Count.
PRESQUE ISLE BIRD COUNT:  A rare bird count Savannah sparrow captured on film at the home of photographer Paul Cyr.  Note the presence of a Common Redpoll and snow - not normally seen in the same photo with a Savannah.
PRESQUE ISLE BIRD COUNT: An even rarer bird count specimen, found frolicking in the snow at Aroostook State Park.
 CARIBOU BIRD COUNT: Aroostook Birders club president Bill Sheehan is interviewed by WAGM TV's Katie Zarrilli. .   

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