posted Jan 20, 2019, 9:10 AM by Adnan Onart   [ updated Jan 20, 2019, 9:11 AM ]
We are in the world, never in its completeness, but encountering some selected aspects of it, selected through the abstraction power of our perception. Last week, I was in my neighborhood impressed by the magnificence and majesty of its sycamore trees. Magnificence, majesty didn’t seem to have any color, but just tonality. Thus I resorted to the abstraction of photography through black & white rendition.

The 35mm prime lens was my primary choice with FUJIFILM camera X-T2. In one case, I used a vintage lens Canon FD manual prime, with an adaptor on X-T10. Actually, the whole experience was triggered by what I perceived through the viewfinder of X100T with its 23mm fixed lens. I came to realize a good camera is not just gear for making photographs, but primarily a tool for perception.

These trees were here way before I came to this world, I hope they’ll be here, way after I go away from this world. 

The pictures I shared this week can be seen in these albums: