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From Analog to Digital

posted Aug 8, 2018, 3:22 PM by Adnan Onart   [ updated Aug 8, 2018, 4:29 PM ]
Photography Related Exhibition and Gallery Talk at Harvard Art Museum:

Matthew Barney Cremaster 5: The Queen of Chain
(More Pictures from Schneider/ErdmanPrinter's Proof Collection 
can be seen on the WEB site of the Museum)

As the exhibition Analog Culture is approaching its end (August 12, 2018) at Harvard Art Museums, today (August 8, 2018) the curator Jennifer Quick offered a Gallery Talk entitled From Analog to Digital. The exhibition documents the collaborative work undertaken by a series of photographers including Richard Avedon, Nan Goldin, Peter Hujar among others and the printer Gary Schneider over a period of three decades.  The talk presented some more details about the printing techniques of Schneider, his conception of the printer's role in the creative process and the interactions he had with different photographers. The audience had also chance to look more closely at some digital prints, Schneider had to resort to at the discontinuation of a certain Agfa paper. Questions from the audience triggered a discussion comparing analog versus digital cultures, similarities between photography and music in regards to technologies as well as roles of the participants (composer versus performer) in the artistic process. The subject of authorship and legal ownership was also touched on in the discussions.

After its closure, the exhibition will be kept an online presence and various digital assets will stay open to the WEB based visitors.