Hagai Aronowitz's homepage

I am leading the Biometrics research team in IBM Research - Haifa, focusing on text-dependent speaker recognition and face recognition.

1. My publication list

2. A talk I gave at Google (Mountain View) and SRI International (Menlo Park) on September 2016.

3.  I gave a 3 hour tutorial on speaker diarization in Interspeech, 2014

4. A talk a gave at the Technion (TCE 2014) on Voice Biometrics for Mobile Authentication

5. A seminar on Speaker Diarization I gave in Tel Aviv University in 30/4/2013

6. A seminar I gave in BGU on 11/2007

7. A seminar on Intra-Class Variability Modeling for Speech Processing I gave in the IBM Speech Seminar in 2/7/2008

8. My patent list

This is the official and up-to-date homepage of Hagai Aronowitz, currently working for IBM Research.

Keywords people might search for me by: speech recognition, speaker recognition, speaker verification, speaker identification, language identification, speaker diarization, speaker segmentation, speaker clustering, voice activity detection, GALE, HERMES, intersession variability modeling, text-dependent speaker recognition, domain adaptation, domain robustness, inter dataset variability compensation (IDVC), small development set, face recognition, multi-modal biometrics, score fusion, policy management.

My most frequently checked email address is currently my work email,

hagaia@com.ibm.il, reverse the domain name so that a.b.c becomes c.b.a .