I got a bad sinus infection this time, like I never had anything like it before. It hurt!

I already wrote a post in detail on what I did to support it:

Supporting Myself For Sinus Infection With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils


This is Part II - what else I should have done, and what I eventually did, to better handle the situation. 



Some of you might know, that each part of the body has a corresponding part in the colon.  This means, that cleansing the colon brings quicker results to other parts of the body.

So I did the enema with the cabbage rejuvelac.  It would have been good to have done a retention enema afterwards with the fresh wheatgrass juice, a little cabbage rejuvelac, therapeutic grade essential oils, and sesame oil, or to make a suppository coconut based.  (I will do it). 

Was it easy to do it, while I was low on energy?  Not as much.  But I told myself that I would feel better afterwards.

Another important part is nutrition.  If the cells do not have proper nutrition, they will be unable to hold the energy.   

Therefore, I made myself a fresh raw green soup, and later on, a green juice in my cabbage rejuvelac. 

I put in it everything I had on hand: some stinging nettles and wheatgrass juice (in my juice), whole dandelion, my fresh rosemary, Jerusalem artichoke, celery, green pepper, cucumber, salad greens, etc. 

Drinking it was easy, as my body craved it.


How did I get out of balance? Lack of sleep, negative emotions, unbalanced nutrition (no veggiekraut/cabbage rejuvelac, too many sweet fruits), too much computer/cell phone, sitting. 

The first sign was my itchy eyes - not too bad, but my body already telling me that my Candida has overgrown. 

Luckily, if you do pay attention to your body, it will bring you back into balance.

Sinus cavity can hold up to 2 cups of mucus/toxins.  How to get it out?

One way is putting wheatgrass juice or fresh urine (if you know what you're doing) in your nose, while holding the head upside down for 15 min. 

I prefer using essential oils of the therapeutic grade.  Here is some I blended with the coconut oil and a little cabbage rejuvelac the other night:

That was  one combination I felt like that night.  I don't see Slique Essence in the picture, which I know I used too. 

The next time, I made something different, adding Sacred Frankincense and Wintergreen.

Even though, I usually use Tea tree a lot, I decided to switch it to Pine for a change. 

Orange essential oil was sooooo pleasant on smell, and a color on the bottle is my favorite.  I added it to my salt water bath with Thieves.

I also drank therapeutic grade essential oils of Peppermint and Lemon, sometimes mixed with NingXia Nitro.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep a record of everything I did.  I know, I used liver blends on my liver, and energy blends.

I did take capsules with Thieves, Longevity, and from the Slique collection.

Did I do enough?  Probably not this time.  For whatever reason, I want to see how my body fights, and learns to fight. 

I should have done more acupressure, but couldn't gather my thoughts to do it.  So, this will be my next step, incorporating essential oils, of course.


In the TCM, sinus is on the Liver / Gallbladder meridian, element wood, color green. 

When the wood element is out of balance, the person may feel stuck, have no clear planning / direction in life.  


For the anatomy of the sinus, you may refer to the following link:

This post is in no way a guideline for anyone, as we are all different.  I'm just sharing with you what I did for myself.

Here is more info on nasal irrigation from the EDDR

To health!

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