"D. Gary Young spent 35 years! studying the benefits and perfecting the extraction of essential oils,"  wrote his wife, Mary Young, in the Essential Edge news, June 2018 issue.  

Here are his own words in that issue of the paper,  the last article he might have written before his untimely death.

"In the past few weeks, I have learned about other people who are giving out my oil recipes, making light of how to blend oils, and thinking they can show you a cheaper way to have the same formula.
    Anyone can take the oil ingredients off the label and think they can recreate what is in the bottle, but it is not quite that simple.  Obviously, for people to go to all that effort, they must think that what we have is really great; but to do this they have to be guessing about a lot of things.
    Over the years, as I have formulated blends, I have discovered that the order of combining the oils greatly affects the efficacy of the blend.  Sometimes, a few of the oils are blended and then put in a cool room for 24 hours to homogenize together.  Then that part of the blend is brought to room temperature before I add the rest of the oils to complete the blend.  Sometimes individual oils have to be combined in a certain order because of their particular chemical compounds in order to achieve the desired aroma and effect.  With some blends, as few as two oils have to be blended before the other oils can be added.  
    I have not met anyone who goes to this degree of exactness or who has the expertise to create a "perfect" blend for a particular reason.  Creating an oil blend is quite an art which for me has taken a lifetime of experimenting and learning".  

    I can attest that I never ever had even remotely close results with any other company's essential oils.  

    I will truly miss Gary, a giant in his field and life.

    I love how he signed his articles: "Your essential friend always"

    With all the respect and love,
         Eugeniya         June 29, 2018